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Burger King is a well-known chain of fast food restaurants, with locations spread all over the world and with its own well-known hamburger style. Founded in 1954 in Jacksonville, Florida, by James McLamore and David Edgerton, two industry experiences who took the risk of creating this type of business model. More than half a century later, the company remains one of the world's most visited retail outlets, constantly struggling with its direct rival McDonalds, with around 11 million daily visitors. This is due in part to the fact that they are constantly striving to equalize service delivery around the world.

He was the first to create the concept of fast food, and also to create the "Auto King" service in 1975, adding value to the service. One of its characteristics as a franchise is that it has been able to adapt to the different cultures in which its premises are located, adapting to the needs of customers.

Burger King knows its customers' preferences well, and each restaurant caters to the tastes of each. They have ensured that everyone, consumer or not, knows how to recognize their products, keeping the flavor of their hamburgers made 100% on the grill and at a price accessible to the consumer's pocket.

What has defined the brand in its more than 60 years of history is its commitment to high quality, following its original recipe and achieving a unique customer experience. Its name is recognized worldwide, something that is worth recognizing as a leading company in its sector.

The star product of Burger King is the famous Whopper, created in 1957, it was his first hamburger and today it is the best-selling on his menu, and he can customize it in a thousand ways. It is followed by the Big King as the company's flagship, all prepared at a constant rate and without neglecting the cleanliness and safety of its kitchens.

The menus also include other variants of burgers and sandwiches, such as Whopper Meal, Chicken Sandwich, Croissants, Crispy Chicken and many other temptations for the hungry. Sodas and chips are not unique additions to the menu. For the sweetest, they can choose from a wide variety of options such as ice cream and smoothies, for example.

There are different offers at Burger King for its clients, double or children's menus are no exception. Make your loved ones happy by placing an order, it's very easy, download the application and you're done. It is compatible with various devices such as Android and PSI. But you can still do it in the full version of its website, made in an easy and intuitive way, full of colors, which help the user to move around it without problem and to choose what they want to eat, indicating if it contains any element that may cause allergies or intoxications.

Do you know that you can order your favorite menus online without leaving home? Through the restaurant's mobile application, you can find the entire menu, in addition to including exclusive offers. You can find it in Google Play Store and Apple Store to download for free.

The Burger King application allows you to order online and direct you from the closest restaurant to your address, simply indicate where you want to receive the order and it will arrive as quickly as possible with your home service. This way you won't even have to leave your home for the reason you need it.

With the Burger King app you can be sure to be informed of the biggest promotions and discounts. It is a corporate practice to offer exclusive discounts to your customers, a way to reward and encourage users of your online service.

First download the app and specify your email address, you will get a link to the Burger King app and you will be able to enjoy the latest deals. If you want to get things exactly the way you like, with less mayonnaise or more cucumbers, do you always have the same preferences? There you will also find a lot of useful information about the ingredients of a particular menu. See how your burger is made and what it consists of. And for the more avid users, there may be special coupons that you will only receive on your phone.

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-Еs free.

-There is a very unique menu.

-Various offers and discounts.

-Many good clients.
-Delivery may be delayed.

-You can't watch live before ordering.

-Sometimes the app fails.

-It is not the delivery application.
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Burguer King

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Burger King gives away this August French Fries in Spain

Burger King gives away this August French Fries in Spain


Throughout the entire day of August 20, Burger King will celebrate International Chips Day with its customers and nothing better than giving away a bucket of its star product in all purchases equal to or greater than € 5. With this initiative, the company continues with its Patatodos campaign and the # Fries4Followers movement

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