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Byte is a new application from the creator of Vine, who in 2012 sold it to Twitter 4 months after seeing the light and that meant the beginning of the end. The bird's social network did not know what to do with it and ended up closing it in 2017. Now history is rewritten and Byte comes to fill the gap left by it. With this app you can re-make your short videos of 6 seconds.

Its founder, Don Hofmman did not hesitate for a moment of its creation but it lasted a few months working for Twitter. Since they closed Vine has not stopped working to recreate an application like it and not lose the magic of short videos, convinced that there was still an audience that demanded this and that there were people who had not known how to see and exploit it. And he was not wrong. In 2018 he presented a beta of what would be his new project Byte, being officially launched in 2019. At first, he only gave it to a small group to test it and see how it worked, but shortly after it was released to the public.

How do I get to make a Byte? You must visit your website, you find it available for free download for Android and iOS, it will redirect you to the app store that has your phone and download it. If you want to read the terms of use, you will also find it here, this way you will know exactly what you are giving permission to and how to use it correctly.

With a very clear and easy-to-use interface, once the Byte application is installed on the mobile phone, it will ask you to create an account, it allows you to connect directly with your Google account and once you have finally created it, start using it and customize it however you want, adding a profile photo that will make it much more personal in the community.

You are already on your Byte home page and it is in this place where the magic happens. Basically, you should be aware that it is very similar to other applications, it will have the main pages at the bottom of the screen, you will find the options for home, Research, Search and Discovery. Here you will find all the content by categories, so if you are interested in a specific category, go there and find one that is very similar to how you did it on Vine, it has very different things from TikTok that do not necessarily have this categorization.

In the middle, you find the camera button, which is what you will use if you want to create a byte, you can use the front or the back, at your own choice, but if you want you also have the possibility to upload files that you already have in your gallery and give it a touch by adding music. In the activity section you will find all their notifications and you can check if a friend is already following you or has commented on any of your publications.

It also has the profile section, where you will see all the data you have stored on the platform, if you scroll up and click edit profile, you can not only change your image, but you can also choose a color for the entire page and You can even change your name, you can do this as many times as you want, on this personal page you can add an About section and a small description of yourself so that everyone looking for you knows more about you.

In Byte you can search for friends from all over the world, you just have to click Follow and you will start to see all their productions on your home page. Byte's feed has a reverse chronological order, in which it will show you the videos in a loop from the most recent to the oldest, with the possibility of saving those you like the most to favorites or even saving them on your device. Interact with other users with your likes and comments. Below each of the posts you will see the author's name and profile picture.

Byte also offers all the features you are looking for in a social network, but there are aspects that it does not yet have, such as transition effects, filters and tools to mix videos. It is normal to think that with videos of such a short duration these functions are not so necessary, its main competitor TikTok does have them, but it does not stop updating to continue improving and adding new elements for its users.

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Get last review 28.11.2020
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- It is for people who want to grow.

- New implementations to create content.

- You can like and comment by helping creators to encourage others by sharing it on twitter.

- Very personal profile with a short biography
- It does not have a followers section.

- It is also not shown how many followers a person has.

- You only find it in English.

- Looping videos can get very heavy.

Latest NEWS

Byte could be the replacement for TikTok in the United States

Byte could be the replacement for TikTok in the United States


The instability created by the ban of the application in India, and its future in the United States, has made many of its subscribers consider alternatives in order to finally fulfill the threat. Among them is Byte, one of the clear favorites because it is considered the most confidential and secure, reaching 600 thousand users

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