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Glovo is an application designed for the transfer of objects, procedures, merchandise or whatever you want to transport within a particular city where they have their services. There are several competitors in the market but there is a clear difference, since the others are focused on food delivery and Glovo focuses on any kind of merchandise. In general, as a courier it is the most popular.

The application can be downloaded for free for both iOS and Android. Once we are on the main page of the app we will see several important things. On the top left we have a sliding menu in which we will see our personal information, the payment methods that we have enabled, billing information, promotional codes, referral codes, how to log out and the Glovo prime section that is a service of subscription.

In the main menu above we will have a sliding tab in which we will be able to configure our delivery address, in which we will receive the shipments, in the event that you live at home with someone else or want to send it as a gift, you can choose several delivery addresses and have them already pre-established according to these in one place or another.

If we look at the screen we will see a drawing of a gift that is the reference code, if it is passed to a friend and that friend places an order, the promotion with the credit gift is activated by Glovo for your shipments and also for those of your friend. This has no limit if you refer 10 people and those people asked, they will have the credit to use it within the application.

Also in the main menu we will find some areas such as collect or send, kiosk and drinks, food markets, restaurant, solidarity gifts, pharmacy and a seventh area with the theme of the moment such as Christmas, kings, Easter, etc. The middle button is Whatever, for that moment of doubt that you don't know which category you fit into.

If we go down a little more on the screen we will see a logo of a balloon that if we lift it it will show us the orders that we have previously made through Glovo, it is an order history.

Many people today use it for food, for parcel orders, for things that must be sent to other people, to bring or send things to the center, it is very practical because you do not waste time or leave your home, just one click ordering it from the application!

It is an excellent service in which everyone wins both the one who buys, the one who transfers it, as well as the company and the final consumer.

The delivery history that we mentioned above has a peculiarity which is that you have the opportunity to repeat, that is, for example last week I ordered half a kilo of ice cream and in this case you should not put all the data again, simply by clicking on repeat you will show your previous order which you can edit and confirm. This functionality is great because it makes everything much faster and easier for you.

Downloading Glovo means much more, new jobs have emerged as a result of Glovo and becoming a delivery person is one of them, the so-called Glovers. The Glovo application is in charge of putting the customer in contact with a delivery person to take different things to their home, the particular detail is that you can send anything but everything that fits inside the box that it gives you, more of it it's not allowed.

Glovo pays the self-employed delivery man on request. In Spain you pay € 2.50 for each order you pick up, 0.32 cents per kilometer traveled and an extra 5 cents for each minute of waiting. If you want to know what work is like, you can see a video on YouTube of someone doing it or if you are already freelance, try how it is. If, for example, you want a job, the best thing is to go to a McDonald's, turn on the application and wait because orders usually come out at all times. Many times in Glovo what takes the first order is delayed because when you already make the first the following ones come faster.

You already know how the Glovo application works and the ways in which it can be used, go ahead and use it!

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- Very fast growth.

- Versatility of functions.

- Variety of options.

- Good delivery speed.
- They announce late that they will not come.

- Orders are not loaded correctly.

- Poor customer service.

- Kitchen hygiene cannot be verified.
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Latest NEWS

Glovo, a company that expands worldwide

Glovo, a company that expands worldwide


The food delivery service has been one of those that has best handled the crisis, increasing its figures. Glovo has managed to become the leader and almost without competition, registering 48.2% of market share and continues to expand worldwide, adding 156 new cities in its application only in Spain and 17 in Portugal

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