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Since 2006, with the help of Google Translate, words, texts or even entire websites can be translated for free. Sounds simple doesn't it? Google has more than 200 million satisfied users daily with this application. Who does not want to be connected with everyone? Thanks to it there are no language barriers.

Google Translate is available for Android and iOS for free download from the App Store and Google Play Store. He is the most used translator in the world, helping people in all corners of the world. Its use could not be easier, install it on your device and you can start using it. The first time you enter and once you have selected the main language and the one you want to translate, you just have to start entering your texts.

Simply enter the desired text, Google Translate has the option to automatically recognize the source language and gives you the opportunity to hear the correct pronunciation.

It currently recognizes 103 different languages ​​and although it has been in our lives for more than 10 years, it has not stopped updating to continue expanding its functionality, improving significantly, both linguistically and semantically.

Google Translate works with automatisms that help the task of translating as many different languages, this means that it uses machine learning through examples in already translated texts that they find, in this way the app finds the context of the sentences and translates them into its as a whole, not word for word, which made it a very robotic interpretation.

But it is not only self-taught, Google Translate also acquires knowledge through its own users, when it gives a translation that is not correct it indicates different options from which you will choose the one that best suits what you want to transmit. When choosing one of these options, Google recognizes it and adds it to its database for future occasions, in addition to having tools so that people themselves can collaborate directly translating texts.

It has adapted to the new uses of technologies, it no longer only accepts the introduction of written text. Do you read an article in another language and have trouble decoding the concepts? With Google Translate you can record lyrics with your camera. You will also have this in the language you want thanks to real-time translation.

Translate any text that is told to the phone. If you want, your SMS messages will be automatically translated to the one you want. To perform them, it is not necessary to switch between applications, because with the "Touch to translate" function, texts are translated within the app, making it easy for you to chat with your friends from abroad.

Google Translate is a pocket interpreter to go. If two people speak in different languages, you can interpret the conversation live. This feature is currently available only for 32 of their languages, you just have to choose the two languages ​​in which you are going to talk and first one person plays the microphone and then the other. The rest of the conversation is automatically distributed in Google Translator. Test it!

But not only does it serve to change from one language to another, Google Translate can help you learn a new one. With the help of the language guide, you can easily get to know one at your own pace, without pressure. It will help you to know how to write their texts, their vocabulary and it will help you to know how to pronounce it with their pronunciation guide. You just have to mark this among your favorites and so you will always have it among the highlights.

Today there are more than 50 language packs available, with the ability to use them offline. You download them to your device and you can flexibly change them as many times as you want. It is advisable to look at the file size and the amount of memory available on your smartphone as these consume a lot of storage space on your phone, but they are very useful especially when you are traveling and on vacation. There you don't always use an internet connection or you often have a slow internet connection. Make your daily life easier and enjoy the useful functions of Google Translate for free.

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Google Translate

Get last review 28.11.2020
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- Translations are possible within an application.

- Free service that is always available everywhere.

- Many language packs are available offline.

- You can enter messages through the microphone, not only in text
- Language packs require a lot of storage space on the smartphone.

- Many languages are not as well translated as others.

- Confidentiality is not guaranteed: Google stores the entries in Google Translater.

- Does not interpret voice messages well

Latest NEWS

Google Translate will allow saving translations

Google Translate will allow saving translations


One of the most efficient and used Google tools receives a major update. Google Translate will be able to save what has been translated for future reference. The alternative will be available from a small icon of a star that is located at the top right of the site where we receive the translated text

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