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Updated 07.08.2020

HBO is one of the most important streaming audiovisual content platforms. It has a wide catalog of high-quality series and movies with more than 1000 hours of viewing, exclusive and original content, power on five devices and a fourteen-day free trial

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HBO is one of the most used on-demand content platforms. It is direct competition from Netflix and Amazon Prime, but its advantage is the wide catalog of its own movies and series.

It is part of the North American HBO channel, owned by WarnerMedia, launching the streaming service in 2010, with more than 1000 hours of content and millions of users worldwide. It arrived in Spain in November 2016 thanks to an agreement with Vodafone.

If something characterizes this platform is creativity, we find our own quality productions with great impact, such as Los Sopranos. You can also watch the latest movies, all to the taste of the consumer, who is the owner of his account on HBO.

HBO can be viewed on any device, the application is free to download and is available for Android and iOS. To get an account, you just have to enter its website and register with a monthly payment. One of its advantages is that it has a trial period, in which the user enjoys all its content for free and if they decide that they do not want to continue with the subscription, they can delete it the same day that this period ends, which is two weeks from the moment to subscribe. Like Netflix, it can be shared with up to five devices.

Currently HBO has more than 900 titles between series, films and documentaries, outnumbering other platforms, but far from these figures, what characterizes it are its original series. Not being able to see them through other streaming channels, makes it very attractive when considering the subscription, it is the case of Game of Thrones, HBO exclusively broadcast its last season, this caused the number of people who hired HBO to increase significantly. Although they are not the only ones it has, it also has other very famous ones from other channels, such as AMC's The Walking Dead.

Its movie catalog is smaller than Netflix's, but it's always up to date. Without going up massively just to grow their numbers, we can find great movie classics such as Titanic, Forrest Gump together with much more current ones, such as Fantastic Animals and Where to Find Them or Interstellar. We also found some that are incorporated into the platform temporarily, as has been the case in the Harry Potter saga.

As in others, HBO incorporates the option of 'Keep watching', which continue the series and movies at the exact point where we have left them so that we do not miss anything and we can continue enjoying their viewing. It has other sections such as Recommendations, Movies to watch as a Family, Great Hits and the classic division by genres. A fun classification is Resaca Cinema to watch, only available on weekends or a very homeland like Made in Spain, with a large number of titles made in our country, both series and movies; It has a children's section for the smallest of the house with a large number of titles through the Kids tab, it can be blocked with a PIN to have control over what children see and ensure that they do not see inappropriate content or that cannot enter without the consent of the parents.

In order to access, the user and password must be entered, this will also be the one used for parental control. When entering the HBO application we find that it has an interface very similar to that of its web version, we will find at the top all its news. As we go down we can see all the options it offers us. This is very similar in all the devices where you use it.

Being a high quality streaming service, it is necessary to have a bandwidth that supports it with an Internet connection. But if what you want is to have your series or movies for a future in which you do not know if you can connect to the platform, HBO gives you the possibility to download what you want from its catalog and be able to view it whenever and wherever you want without having to connect.

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Category : Apps
Desarrollador : HBO Europe
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- You can find the most iconic series in television history, such as Game of Thrones or The Sopranos

- It has more and more European productions

- You can view it on up to five devices

- Fourteen-day trial period
- Strong competition between different platforms

- Sometimes it can take a long time to load a series or movie

- There are movies that you only find temporarily

- There are series that are not complete, seasons are missing

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