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Houseparty is a face-to-face video chat application that can be run on Android or IOS devices. You can check and download the Houseparty app for free in its app store. There may be some paid features later in this app because now it is getting more and more popular and developers have really had to handle the most interest for their app for quite some time.

To use this application, you must register by following the usual forms to complete your personal information such as email address, name, username, and password. All the design of the application is easy to use. Swipe up and find the people you want to talk to and wait for the screen to load.

Due to the way the app is organized when some of your contacts, including you, go online, others will see a pop-up notification about it, so they can join the room. That is why the name of the Houseparty app has rooms for people who can feel that they live in a house. Users can really block conversations from people who really know each other. This is a cornerstone for people who want to discuss an important topic, for example, if we talk about work. Companies also feel communication needs when their coworkers are away. Therefore, the idea is that the Houseparty can also be used for this purpose.

Regardless, it's good to keep in mind the fact that if you want to use something (free) online, the good idea is to always go one step further insecurity. There are a few steps that can protect you and your personal information. But the most important and easiest thing to do is to create a unique and secure password! This can be applied to any other platform that has a password choice system.

If you are wondering if you should download another application to share videos and promotions, here is one to try, hurry up if you haven't.
The app is fast, easy, and convenient to use, allowing you to have conference calls as well, and the ability to play games perfectly suits the need to communicate with your friends.

The application is not entirely new, it was launched in 2016, but then it managed to succeed so well by overloading its large competitors that offer such services. For this reason, it is gaining a lot of popularity among people to this day. Partly because other apps got bored of them, partly because of the need to have fun in this sedentary life that most people lead or, conversely, because some people can simply offer their audience something really fun... The truth is that as people feel the need to express themselves and connect with others, they will always meet people and their dreams will come true.

When you open the app, you can see which of your friends are currently online. One of the main features of this application is that you can start conferences with your friends, which start instantly on a single channel. Your monitor will, of course, be diminished, but this will not affect the other entertainment options. Of course, there is also a way to adjust your active state to a more confidential state, which will protect you from the situation where one of your friends involves you in a conversation while, for example, you are busy or participating in other types of activities...

As mentioned, you can invite your friends to play a game. Here's a place to share with you that the app is owned by Fortnite game developers, so don't wonder why you can play games. Games like Trivia, Quick Draw, and more. This can happen after starting your conversation. The only limitation here is that you can interact with up to eight at once.

Facemails is another thing that can be a great advantage for the rest of your contestants. You can easily send a video message to someone who now chooses to be offline. You can give them important information or just wait for them to wake up in the morning. when they access the application they will see it. This can open a room for people with a great sense of humor.

By downloading Houseparty you will have all your close people in one place, of course. We really feel the need to bring our friends from different social networks around the world together in one place. With Houseparty you can do this and it's an easy way to have fun with them.

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Desarrollador : Life on Air
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-It's free.

-Simple and easy to use.

-It can be used for other purposes such as work.

-You can send video messages to your friends when they are not available.
- Security problems

- They can join you to a conference without consent

- Many notifications

- The registration process is long
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Houseparty teams up with UNO

Houseparty teams up with UNO


The mobile version of UNO is already a reality. The most famous playing cards team up with Houseparty to bring their users the most addictive board game of all time. In the lower left, the number of cards that each of the participants has will appear and you will only have to select the one you want to add to the center

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