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Upgrades (2/10)
Synchronization (9/10)

If you use an Apple product, be it of any type, an iPod or an iPhone, an iPad, a laptop, or an iMac. Even if you just bought something from iTunes, you probably have an iCloud account.

It is the cloud platform of the apple company and with it you can have all your files in one place without taking up any space on your devices, in addition to synchronizing them, being able to make backup copies, have your own music library and photos and with it you will have located all the devices, so you do not lose any.

iCloud has known how to adapt to the times and respond to all the needs of its users, now you will find it pre-installed in all its products. Initially, in 2011, Apple provided some services of this type with the name of MobileMe, a paid service that allowed you some of the functions that the current one would have. Little by little, all the accounts changed from iCloud to their exclusive use in 2012. Unlike its predecessor, its download is free and you can get it for your mobile devices from the App Store.

To access your personal one simply go to icloud.com, when you are there, you will see the cover with a forms to click on Sign in to iCloud. It will ask for your Apple ID: enter your associated email address. If you don't remember any of the data, there is a link if you need to retrieve it.

If you're really new to using branded products, you may have to click to create an Apple ID. When you log in, it will show you the tools it has available online. Products like Apple Mail, Numbers, Pages, Keynote or Notes are very useful for your phone, but you also have access to these online tools in the cloud that they offer you from iCloud.com

These are some of the features that may interest you. Let's talk about the Mail first, it's just an online version of your Apple Mail account, so think of this as something like Outlook. But instead of being installed and accessing it from your computer, you are entering through the cloud. You will have different folders in the left bar: VIP, Trash, Sent, etc. You can always add a new folder by simply clicking on the plus sign and just type the name of it.

Contacts that show you the names of the people you have added on your smartphone, tablet or iPod, and there you will find all the information you have. Click to enter and edit some of that information or also feel a little more comfortable doing it from your computer using iCloud.

Calendar is a typical calendar application: you can go back or forth in time. Easy to change at the bottom to a day, week or month view. Add events very simply, just by clicking and dragging the day and hours that make up the event. This is very similar to the Outlook calendar and the Google calendar. You can simply enter and write the name of the event

Photos are especially useful if you've chosen to back up everything on your device to iCloud. If you enable this, all the pictures you take, whether it's from your iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device, will be uploaded to your iCloud Photos. This also works with videos if you are willing to pay to upgrade your iCloud storage. This would be a great way to back up your files and have a collection of everything you capture with your camera.

As a family, iCloud allows you to share the space with up to 5 members of the same family, you can synchronize online purchases, Apple Music music and everything you can do with your account.

You also have a very useful tool such as iCloud Drive, it is very similar to Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. This is a way and a place for you to store files, folders and pictures - in short whatever you want and whatever - and they will be stored there so you can access them quickly and safely.

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- Very simple to use

- Backup for your photos and files

- Good performance speed

- All your files in one place.
- Requires a lot of personal information

- Hackers love to attack Apple

- Does not integrate devices from another manufacturer.

- It depends on the Internet connection to be able to upload files.
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