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Do you want to order your food online? Have you heard of Just Eat? It may be exactly what you need right now.

Just Eat is a free online food ordering and delivery app with a wide variety of restaurants and kitchens. A great success in Spain, being the most used when ordering. With more than 9,000 partners and more than 8,000 associated businesses, it is unrivaled.

Enjoy a wide selection of dining options and find foods that suit your tastes with a single click on your mobile device. It is easy when you are in one place and you have so much variety in your own hand. You will take a look at the restaurants closest to you, you can read about the impressions of other users of the service and what they think of their supplies.

Founded in Denmark in 2001, Just Eat is the international market leader in home service. It is based in the United Kingdom, although it operates in more than 13 countries, spread across five continents. Just Eat is the fastest growing company in recent years, basing its success on the proprietary technology they use that ensures fast and efficient delivery of orders.

The Just Eat application is the preferred one to make food orders, it is available for Android and iOs, it also has a web version, where you can find ratings and comments from customers, which will help when it comes to decide on one in particular.

The app allows the user to choose between the different restaurants in their area, choosing the one that best suits them and choosing whether they want to pick it up or have it delivered at home. The Just Eat app is very simple to use, with a very intuitive interface that does not present any difficulties, you just have to download it to your smartphone. To create an account you can use your Facebook settings or create a new one from scratch, this does not matter much, the application works equally in both cases.

By entering your address, Just Eat will show you all the options available in your area, so you can choose the one that most appeals to you. They can be ordered in various ways, by type of food or by generic order, based on criteria such as: the evaluation of previous customers, alphabetically, by relevance, minimum order or delivery costs.

Once inside the chosen place, they will show you everything that their menu offers and you can and choose what you are going to order to eat by filling out your order form. Some of them give you the option to customize the dish. In this section, the provider will indicate all the information that the user has to know, such as whether they accept restaurant vouchers or have some kind of offer.

Once selected, you must choose your payment method, of course, this can be done through cash at the time of delivery, Paypal with a debit card. If you have the minimum order specification indicated by the location, the shipping may be free or with a marked price. Just Eat also has plenty of exclusive offers and promotional codes for its customers.

Then, leave it to them, they will take care of processing your request. Just get ready to eat. In the application you will also see information on the working hours of food establishments, you can always use this application. An additional possibility is literally to follow your order in real time, from the moment it is cooking until you see where the delivery guy is going. In the order, the user can add other additional specifications that the dealer will take into account when delivering it.

For the more traditional ones, there is the option of repeating some previous order. Just Eat stores in the user's history the restaurants that are favorite and most selected by it on other occasions. And if you are ever away from home, you can add different addresses where we want it delivered. This is what makes Just Eat the best service in the industry, giving your customers the feeling that they know and understand you, saves you time and does not disappoint.

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-You can find out about nearby restaurants.

-Just select promotional offers.

-Home delivery.

-It's a quick process.
-There is no great control over everyone's overall process for getting the job done.

-Extra cost.

-You really can't prefer the best restaurant, in photos all the photos look just as good.

-You can't really check the hygienic kitchen.
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Just Eat

Get last review 27.09.2020

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Just Eat and McDonalds celebrate their alliance

Just Eat and McDonalds celebrate their alliance


The union of Just Eat and McDonald means the expansion of the home delivery service in the Spanish geography, reaching the more than two million users that the application has and adding the restaurant to its catalog. The company is excited about this agreement and hopes to consolidate this relationship with the fast food giant

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