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Today the stars of social networks are videos. If a few years ago it was photographs with the rise of sites like Fotolog, Facebook, Pinterest or the very beginnings of Instagram, today in the face of phenomena like TikTok, Twitch or Facebook Live what we are looking for the most are good videos. To achieve the best video editing we have many free applications available in our mobile stores.

Today we are going to tell you about one of the most complete programs that you can make to record your best audiovisual productions and surprise all your friends, family and followers. Get everyone to want to film like you and fill yourself with likes with KineMaster.
KineMaster is a mobile digital editing tool developed by KineMaster Corporation. The firm contains among its product catalog deliveries such as BeatSync, SingPlay: MP3 Karaoke, SpeedRamp and VideoStabilizer. A whole set of programs so that you can get the best result from what you shoot with your mobile. Each of these applications can be downloaded for free in the virtual stores of the terminals that use Android or iOS.

If you want to know all the advantages of KineMaster, stay and read what we will tell you next. The first thing to keep in mind, and that is one of the most important elements of the app, is that it is easy to use. Its interface is accessible, simple and intuitive. You will have no problem understanding how to edit your videos in the fastest way.
By installing KineMaster you can add all kinds of elements to your productions. You can make combinations of special effects, add texts, add phrases with a handwritten style or print overlays. All this thanks to the possibility of editing different layers of the video.
Among the variety of tools that the platform presents us with, we have color adjustments and improvements in general that can be made with just a couple of taps. Videos can be reversed, mixed, cut, trimmed or separated. Do you want to modify the speed of a video? You can do it without problem with the tool to speed up or slow down the playback. Achieve in this way important blows of effect in your audiovisual products. Edit like a pro.

There are more free KineMaster effects. The resource store is very extensive and you have alternatives available to modify the voices, sound effects, background music with original pieces, narrations, transitions and clip graphics. In addition, so that you do not get bored with the options you have available, the platform is updated weekly with new and better options so that you can enjoy everything that your mobile camera can produce.
When exporting your product you can do it with the best quality. You have available the option to get your final result in 4k and at 30FPS. However, you can choose from a wide variety of options. Once you have it, you can share the video on social networks in a very simple way. KineMaster syncs seamlessly with your users on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or any of your favorite platforms.

It is possible to install KineMaster for free and get all its benefits. Now, if you want to remove watermarks and advertisements, you can purchase a subscription to the KineMaster Premium service. This will give you access to thousands of resources and a more complete experience.
Create, edit and share with this powerful digital tool. The variety of options such as the division into layers, the possibility of creating in high resolution, the various transitions available and the effects to advance or delay the playback will make you become an expert in audiovisual production with your mobile phone.

Start step by step, do not look for great results in the beginning and you will learn the best ways to use KineMaster. Don't try to apply all the effects at the same time and always pursue the simplicity and warmth of your recordings.
Today, videos are the star of content on social networks. This is not why we should neglect their quality. Use free editing tools like KineMaster and let your creativity flow to make beautiful productions. Feel free to download this useful and accessible application.

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Desarrollador : KineMaster Corporation
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- Variety of effects

- Layered editing

- Weekly update

- Recognized and highly rated program by critics
- Many of its functions have to be paid for

- Ad and watermark presences

- It becomes slow

- It may present problems when exporting
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