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Those moments in which the only alternative you had to get a driver was to order a taxi have been left very far in time. Now there are several companies that are dedicated to the transport of passengers and its way of use is as fast and efficient as using your own mobile device, through an application and all you have to do is wait for one of your vehicles to arrive .

The best known, undoubtedly, is Uber, but there is another driver service that is just as useful, it is Lyft. Both are just as present as taxis, managing to transport people in the main cities and increasingly expanding their range of action.

In the beginning it was an option that allowed you to share a car in a way that was very practical and economical in San Francisco. Little by little it was gaining followers and in this way it was expanding to other important cities in the country, or reaching the point of its international landing.

Launched in 2012, the on-demand passenger transport platform allows direct contact between passengers and their drivers. It makes thousands of daily trips, which has positioned it as one of the competitions to take into account, conquering hundreds of cities in the United States and Canada alone, with its unstoppable growth.

To start benefiting from all the advantages that Lyft offers you, you will only have to install it on your mobile phone and start using it, it's that quick and easy. Download Lyft for free, you will find it available for Android and iOS devices. Once you have it, all that remains is to register, for which you will only need your phone number and choose between the different forms of payment it offers you.

It bases its operation on the concept of shared economy, that is, to make the trip as cheap as possible for all the people who use it, serving as a union for all those who go to the same place or a similar route.

The idea with which they work is for the passenger himself to contact the driver closest to his location and negotiate the price of the trip with him. Once both parties agree, it is confirmed in the application and it is this that makes all the data of the car and its driver available to the user, and vice versa, the data that will be exchanged are: name, qualifications that you other users and a photograph of the car and the driver have taken. They will also be sent those data of interest that both have in common, to make the trip more enjoyable and thus promoting communication. Once the trip is finished, the traveler will be sent an invoice on their mobile with the total to pay for the trip. You can also include a tip.

Download Lyft, with it you will have at your disposal a wide variety of services that Lyft offers you, everything will depend on the type of vehicle you choose and the number of people who are going to use it in a single trip. They always guarantee that this app is the cheapest option. Lyft is the standard option, then you have Lyft XL that can transport up to 6 people, Lux, which are luxury cars that support up to 4 passengers, Lux Black which is basically the same but all their cars are black and the most expensive option would be Lux Black XL, which would add the options of all the previous ones.

The price for its use is the most competitive, putting a 25% limit on dynamic rates, ensuring that it does not rise too much at peak times, which is when it is most used, also creating Happy Hours. This is characterized because if the demand goes down, the client gets a discount of 10%.

If you want to be a Lyft driver, you can also position yourself from the app itself and you only have to meet a series of requirements that mark you from the company. These are to be of legal age, have a driver's license and have no criminal record. You will also have to commit to maintaining your composure, especially in front of customers. For the company it is very important that the behavior of its drivers is faultless, that is why it encourages that the relationship between the passenger and the driver is so good, making it a differentiating point with its competition.

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- You have all the information of the driver you choose.

- You keep saving with Happy Hour.

- There is a wide variety of services.

- Save money sharing a car.
- You can send a lot of information to the other person.

- It does not work in all cities.

- The location can fail to be cars in motion.

- Change the route of drivers.
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