Microsoft Office Review

Updated 06.08.2020

Microsoft Office - a suite of office applications produced by Microsoft

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Desarrollador : Microsoft
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We know all these applications under the Microsoft brand, such as Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint. Microsoft Office is a classic office suite that stands out from the cloud, supports data support and service integration. Microsoft is a whole new approach to working with documents.

Write confidentially, knowing that smart technology will make your job easier by providing suggestions on spelling, grammar, and even writing style. With the right tools at your fingertips, you can easily replace paper writing with digital manuscript and intuitive editing.

Thanks to smart technology, Excel learns models to save time. Easily create templates from yourself or templates and do calculations using modern formulas. Share books with others and always use the latest version as part of real-time collaboration to complete tasks faster.

Thanks to the Microsoft Office service, you can work with a file from any program on a mobile device, on a computer and on the Internet.

Communicate your ideas using aesthetic designs, extensive animations, movie transitions, 3D models, and icons. Thanks to smart technology, you can easily rekindle your presentation with just a few clicks. Tell your story with confidence, using the annotations on each slide that are visible only to you. Easily transform slides into your preferred language and use the accessibility check feature to make sure nothing is missing from your recipients.

The programs that make up Microsoft Office are designed to run on the Microsoft Windows platform and on Apple OS X but can be run on other systems (GNU / Linux, FreeBSD, etc.) using programs such as Wine.

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Category : Apps
Desarrollador : Microsoft
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- Simple to use

- Basic functions are free

- With the whole package, you can do different things

- These programs are enough
- The complete package costs a lot

- You can update it only if you pay

- The 2019 version is not always found

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Microsoft Office

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