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Amazon Prime Video or in the everyday language called Prime videos is one of the most famous streaming applications for online television, videos and movies. You can download top videos on your computer, smartphone and ipad. You can download it for android and IOS.

Amazon Prime Video is owned by Amazon Inc. It was released on September 7, 2006, 13 years ago. Amazon sales service worldwide. Amazon's head office is in Seattle, Washington, USA.

In Prime Videos you can find all the different types of movies / series / tv shows. Comedy, drama, romance, action, horror, etc. They even have content for children.

When you are watching a movie there is a big tab called "X-ray" where you can find more information about the movie. Prime Video is connected to IMDb, so you can slide to the IMDb page while viewing and reading about it. The actors, the story, the criticism and much more. There are some facts about the actors in the movie you are watching. You can see photos and read about them and what other movies they've been on. Another tab is the "bonus contet", where you can find extra material from the movie.

You can read about the characters in the "characters" tab, you can read about the characters' backgrounds and how people are connected to each other and just a little fact about them. If you have forgotten or just got into the movie late and need information about a character. You can also find out what music is in the movie or in the series, a much easier way to find out what the songs are, and then try to Google them.

You can also choose to jump to the scene where the song is playing. And even goodbye to the song if you want. You can choose the language and subtitles you want and you can skip 10 seconds in the movie from one side to the other. You can zoom in and out and launch other units in your home.

Amazon Prime Videos puts a lot of money into its original content, even more than Netflix does. They have a great library with content for children like SpongeBob and Sesame Street. Amazon has about 20,000 titles, compared to Netflix, which has about 6,000 titles. You can connect and pay to advertise on other sites like HBO and see everything in the same application, everything is saved in Amazon Prime Videos.

Benefits of Downloading Prime Video

You can sign up for amazon to send you a sample of products, the best part of all this is that when you subscribe to this benefit you can decide which products interest you.

Amazon prime also has an option for early access to offers, which is that the amazon daily offers page if you are a prime user you can go to the early offers part and see them before the rest of the users, as you can also buy those products first of all. This is a great benefit for amazon prime video users. Some of the deals are 30% off, so it can be a good way to find bargains on the website.

When you are a member of Prime Video you also have Amazon prime reading that gives you access to hundreds of books, magazines and even audiobooks for free. You can't choose all the titles, but the ones that are available can be read on any device through the Kindle app.

IF you are a video game lover and you have amazon prime or you are thinking of signing up! Well, because Twitch belongs to Amazon there are many Gaming offers that you can take advantage of. Prime gives up to $ 10 off when you buy video games at presale time though there are also random discounts every day on the twitch sales page on amazon.

Although many times we are distracted using google photos or paying for storage in icloud, your subscription in amazon prime includes unlimited storage of photos in original quality and up to 5 gb free for videos, I know it is not much for videos but the photos are actually quite good while it also includes Amazon music, which is a free ad-free music service with 2 million songs.

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- You can watch movies and series before other streaming sites like Netflix.

- Have more than 20,000 titles.

- No additional cost for HD.

- Good interface.
- Some films must be bought or rented.

- Amazon Prime Video interface is not the best.

- You can pay annually, many people think that you lose money by paying for so long.

- It is expensive and has limited options for music.
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Latest NEWS

Prime Video makes a significant donation

Prime Video makes a significant donation


Prime Video will take an outstanding action to help the industry that keeps it alive. The Amazon-owned platform will allocate five million euros for series and film producers. Among the first beneficiaries are entities from the United Kingdom. The program seeks to alleviate a crisis that began in 2020 and it is not known when it will end

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