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Safari is the high-speed web browser that we find preset for devices that use the Mac Os operating system. Originally developed by Apple, it could only be used on computers such as iOS and iPad. Thanks to its Windows version, we can download it for free from the Google Play Store and App Store.

What stands out most is its visual appearance, which is very attractive and practical for users, with which we find a pleasant and easy-to-use view with clear and well-grouped icons on its initial screen, where we will find the most visited and favorite links .

It offers us a series of advantages when visiting a page that make it one of the chosen ones in the user community. Safari stands out above all for providing safe and fast access, its integrated privacy function guarantees safe browsing. There are several options to be chosen by the user according to the level of protection we want for our team, among them we find Smart Tracking Protection, which tracks advertisers who investigate the behavior you have on your device to avoid it.

This feature restricts what external agents can do with our equipment, warns you about harmful sites and provides protection against malicious code and malware. If you enable private browsing or DuckDuckGo, the browser will exclude any website you visit from your activity, so that your passwords are automatically created for you.

Once your passwords have been saved, they will automatically be completed on all your synchronized devices. All settings that have been used multiple times are marked in the settings so that they can be easily updated. To provide you with an easy-to-use interface, iCloud Keychain stores your usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers, which are protected with reliable 256-bit AES encryption of your data.

With iCloud, all your sensitive data is always available on any of your devices. Safari uses a Sandbox-based security method to run programs inside it that we have downloaded from the Internet before it can contaminate your device.

Safari allows you to create Reading Lists, so you can group all the websites you are visiting and have open in one place, and be able to view them quickly without having to enter each one and without having to search for the same information again. Another option is to save the ones you want to re-enter at a later date or add them.

With bookmarks you can save your favorite sites and log in again and again quickly without having to enter the address each time you want to visit it. Another advantage is that it gives you the possibility to continue browsing just where you left off last time and although the address does not load us, Safari allows us to enter it because it will not create errors and will allow us to continue with the session we have.

It also highlights its download system, it is very advanced and fast, with its pop-up bar in which it reports on the state of the download. It remains as long as we have the cursor close, once we move from there it will disappear from your view. Also, you can customize almost everything in Safari by adjusting the settings of individual web pages.

With Apple Pay, you can pay safely and easily in Safari. It works in many online stores. But don't worry, Apple never shares your credit card details, you can make all kinds of purchases with the assurance that your data will not be intercepted by third parties.

Safari is complemented by some widgets, such as smart streaming, quick access to popular and favorite sites, Spotlight, which allows you to quickly filter the information you want from sources like Wikipedia and Reader to read without distraction. In the settings you can also automatically block the playback of videos, sounds or immediately see the page we are on with the symbol in the tabs of your address bar.

These numerous extensions offer you the opportunity to complement your experience. Take a look at the Mac App Store and add some. Everything you find while browsing in Safari, you can easily share it with your friends and even without leaving the platform. Get the fastest browser and save battery for all your devices.

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Desarrollador : Apple
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- Very fast and clear

- Extensive app store

- Block autoplay videos with soundtracks by default

- Protects the privacy of sensitive data.
- It runs only on Apple hardware.

- Hard to reach configuration through system configuration.

- The accessories store is missing.

- Too much security when you want to install an external Internet program.
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Get last review 21.09.2020

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Safari welcomes Spotify again

Safari welcomes Spotify again


Two of the most important applications are working together again. Safari welcomes Spotify again. The tool to listen to music online did not work in the browser and it was a big problem for many users. From now on, and just by updating Safari, you can play your favorite songs on your mobile or computer

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