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Shazam is one of the most powerful applications of the tools available for mobile phones. The Apple-owned platform was born in the early 2000s and offers one of the most innovative, useful, and surprising features that a program of its kind can provide. With Shazam the user will have the possibility to easily identify any song they listen to, get the artist name, the lyrics of the song, the video and add it to their libraries or digital music players.
Shazam is free to download. Within the catalog of free applications we are facing one of the most efficient to add to our list of programs. Although it is owned by Apple, it is available for both iOS and Android. It is possible to obtain it in different languages, including Spanish, German, French, English, Portuguese or Chinese.

The application that was born in 2002 and worked through the sending of text messages today has an immense library of songs, melodies and artists that allows it to fulfill its main function, which is to identify any piece that the person is listening to. How many times have we been out somewhere and we were surprised by a melody that we couldn't forget? Now with Shazam users will have the opportunity to press just one button and receive all the information about the song and the artist who composed it.

The operation of Shazam is intuitive, accessible and very fast. Once the user creates an account or registers a valid one (by means of identification with social network profiles), all they have to do is press the button on the main screen so that the app begins to search within their records for the song that is playing. Once the piece is located, the available information appears such as the name of the song, the artist who composed it, which disc it belongs to and the program will allow the user to hear the entire melody or play it in other apps. Shazam can be linked with Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play Music. The person will be able to save the audio file within their music libraries. In addition, you can get more artist data, watch the theme video and share everything that is discovered with other people just by pressing the share button.
If the user wants to make an exclusive collection of the songs they find through Shazam, they can do it. This is possible because the app also has the option of making a library with the files that are identified within it. In case you want to get songs similar to those identified, the tool offers a system of recommendations for themes similar to the one you are looking for.

Among the settings of the app we find one of the great and attractive advantages of Shazam. We refer to the Shazam Pop-Up and Auto Shazam options. With Shazam Pop-Up the person will be able to identify music while using another program. For example, if the user is watching a series or a YouTube video, they will have the possibility to press a small button with the Shazam symbol so that it saves the song that is playing in their records. On the other hand, Auto Shazam offers the possibility for the app to perform the same task of identifying songs within other programs but automatically, that is, without pressing any button.

Within the general settings, the user will have the chance to choose what appearance they want to give Shazam and they will be able to choose between Dark Theme, Light Theme or According to Energy Saving. In this same section you will have the alternative of linking your account with Spotify, probably one of the most useful advantages of the Apple-owned app.

We are facing one of the best options available in game and application stores. As mentioned above it is a free app and also does not offer integrated purchases. It can also be used offline.

Shazam is a program that demonstrates the power of technology, the internet and mobile devices. The speed with which he identifies a song within his extensive catalog is surprising. The possibility of linking it with other apps makes it one of the indispensable tools in any terminal.

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Get last review 28.11.2020
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-Good integration with other apps.

-Offline function.

-Original proposal.

-Ability to see the lyrics of the songs.
- Recognition may fail.

- Problems recognizing topics that are not famous.

- At times it works slow.

- Regular operation on Android devices.

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Shazam an application that recognizes what you are listening to

Shazam an application that recognizes what you are listening to


Shazam arrives to give you the solution at that moment when you listen to a song that you love and you don't know what artist it is or what its name is. With this application, which is owned by Apple, you will enjoy a simple, agile and very easy to use interface. Know all the details of a program that will change your life

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BTS's Dynamite breaks records on Shazam


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