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Updated 07.08.2020

Skype is a free desktop and mobile app where you can create an account and make a call and send free text messages to people you can add to your friends list. If someone does not know your name or phone number they cannot find your profile. You can also change your availability status. In this way, your friends will know if you are away or if you are in a do not disturb situation

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Skype is an application that is used to communicate with people around the world who are most important to you in your private and professional life. You can chat at any time from any device: a mobile phone, computer or tablet. Skype's unique text messages and voice and video conversations make it easy to share experiences and collaborate. You can talk to one person and have a group conversation.

You can download the Skype app for free and it is very easy to use.

With Skype, you can meet friends and create great solutions, share stories, or celebrate birthdays with friends and family. You can learn new skills or develop a hobby with the teacher. Use Skype for free: send messages and make voice and video calls with up to 50 people.

If you want something more and decide to pay a little, you can contact more people; for example, you can call phones and send text messages. You can choose a solution that is convenient for you and pay for individual calls and messages or buy a subscription.

Try Skype today and start adding friends, family and colleagues to your contact list. It will be easy: Hundreds of millions of people around the world are already using Skype to stay connected in many different ways.

Benefits of Downloading Skype for our business

When you are in an online or face-to-face business at a certain time you must make an appointment with your client. to get to know him, to be able to present your business or product offer and in that conversation the person will say yes or no, depending on how things are going.

Before the internet age, everything was face-to-face, for example if you set up a meeting with a customer it was in a cafeteria or wherever it was fun, that included a whole series of things such as moving to the place, finding parking for the car or for the vehicle, get to the place and the person tells you I can't go because such a problem arose or worse, they leave you standing without warning. You have lost time, money to get to the place and to return, that can take you a lost morning or a lost afternoon is tremendous and especially if you are busy with many things that causes a series of problems.

Today with the internet age you can save yourself all that, you no longer need to make an appointment in person at a certain place. Now you can have an appointment online and skype gives you the possibility to do that. You can meet on Skype one day at a certain time and start a conversation through the computer, you can see yourself face to face with your client and talk or you can also share the screen and teach him what you want from your computer. The person may want to know more about your business and by sharing the screen you can show them your blog, your website, your product, offers, what you have to offer them.

Let's suppose that the person tells you that he will not be alone that other friends are also interested in participating in the chat, great without problem, you simply must set up a group conference and invite all of this person's friends to participate, it is very similar to being chatting at a table in a bar all together. You can talk to your client while her friends listen and then ask questions together, everyone can hear the answers. It is an extraordinary advantage for a business because you save a lot.

You can talk to your client generating trust, you will be able to show yourself how you are, the person will be able to see you, they will be able to analyze you and if the person agrees they will adhere to your business very easily and will help you a lot . I also meet people who never used skype and who still don't know how to use it.

If you know how to use it with strategies and well done you will even be able to close sales through Skype like many people who are doing it today simply because they have the advantage of knowing the program and knowing how to use the tool in the most profitable way possible . Go ahead and Download Skype on your mobile, PC or tablet.


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Category : Apps
Desarrollador : PEGI 3
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- Free connection through the internet.

-The ability to see the caller if you have a camera.

- No advertising

- The possibility of transferring files.

- Create your own profile.
-You need a premium account to use more advanced services (video conferencing)

-Common technical problems (interruption of the image, conversation or the whole connection)

-High data consumption.

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