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SmartNews Inc. is an independent news outlet from Japan that provides its readers with an innovative and personal concept for enjoying digital newspaper on their mobile device or PC. They developed a very powerful, fast application that gives the opportunity to go through many headlines at the same time. This is possible thanks to the fact that the application uses modern technology based on an algorithm that automatically finds the most valued chronicles in the world network. All this does not make it difficult to use, on the contrary, it is very simple and fast.

After some time of inactivity, it is already available for Android and iOS, where you can add many new sources, such as CNN, moviefone, etc. By Downloading SmartNews and choosing a news, you have ways to view it. You can choose between its web or mobile format. On the web viewers will see it as if they were viewing it in their browser. In mobile view, it condenses everything and removes many of the images so you can read the content without interrupting the text. It is very easy to switch between the two.

If you want to share the content you are reading on SmartNews, you can do it from the top right of the page, pressing the share button and you can send it to your social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Evernote, Pocket or email. You can quickly move between a story or another or within the pages themselves, just by touching the tab above or simply sliding your finger on the screen as if it were a sheet. If you want to update the content, just unfold the screen and the page will refresh, or you can press the refresh button that appears, it is very simple to do.

If it's on the last page of your list, you can add new content like: Featured, Popular, and Categories. If reading your news, for example, and you see something that you like, simply choose it and it will go to the most popular topics section of your profile and thus you will have at hand which are the most popular sources, or you can simply go to the different categories that It has events, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, business and finance, technology and local.

For example, try clicking on sports to choose a specific one, just click on it and simply press the 'Add' button and add it to your list. Once you have it, you can press the view of your favorites and there you will have it in your information provision tabs.

The SmartNews application is based on the concepts of machine learning. The main idea of ​​this app is not only to follow the standard process for making news, they are more focused on how to present that information to their users in the best way that they find viral reports on the web and try to design them in the best possible way, with correct photographs and animations. They are not only developed for the web browser with its default settings, but also for smartphones. This is a way that really affects the structure of the news that readers see on the platform. The main objective is to make the content easier to read, for this reason they are in the corresponding format.

SmartNews is an interesting way to see how Japanese and global news mix at the same time, using the few languages ​​that identify those published such as Reuters, USA Today, etc., adding the publishers in the Japanese market. So the content mixes really well and by using this technology they try to be more objective and contain the right ones without manipulation. For this reason, the application can reach people around the world.

You can even install it on your computer and open the news on a larger screen. The good thing is that you will keep the same interactive experience, no matter where it is used. You can slide the pages as you do in the normal newspaper and see the titles with their image and the source from which they come. Still, at the top of your board will be all your interest tabs and they will be colored in different colors so you don't miss anything of your interest.

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-Free newspaper app.

-Both for Android / iOS.

-Discover the daily news.

-Very fast.

-Offline also works.
-It has advertisements.

-Deceptive news.

-Videos may be slower to load.

-No local news.
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Get last review 27.09.2020

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SmartNews the application of the moment to stay informed

SmartNews the application of the moment to stay informed


SmartNews has become the benchmark news application and this is demonstrated by the important data it has presented in a report in which you can see the growth it is experiencing and which it intends to continue over time. The platform collects information from various international media, making it the most complete on the market

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