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Tencent Video is a video application that allows you to watch movies and TV shows in China very similar to Netflix. Launched by Tencent in 2011, it is one of the most used websites in the country, in 2019 it had more than 900 million active mobile users and almost 100 million subscribers.

Tencent started as a messaging service, called QQ Chat, in 1998, being very popular in China but being used on a smaller scale internationally. But this was only the beginning, little by little it was gaining ground in the world of video games and the development of mobile applications, such as Tencent Video, until it became the giant it is today.

At the beginning Tencent Video used an independent domain, with it you can watch videos on demand and online television channels. In addition to its basic functions, it can also change the quality and volume settings, manage your own content lists and many more functionalities.

Tencent Video has an immense catalog of films, which makes it the largest streaming video platform on the continent and one of the most important companies in cinema in the Asian country and has the largest platform dedicated to comics. The Chinese market is totally theirs and their objective now is to make the definitive leap to the west.

It is a very easy to use and free application, available for computer, tablet and phone, you can find it in Google Play Store and App Store.

With a very clear interface, the home screen only has a lot of clips of programs and movies grouped, these are the newest and most viewed. If we want a more specific categorization, we should slide to the left side and see all that it has. The app is in English and Chinese, so some of the icons may appear in Chinese characters, but they are still easy to identify and easy to use to navigate. You will find the menu in the upper right corner and that is much faster to search and find the video you want.

We will only have to click on what we want and it will take you to the main page of the content, that is all you have to do to be able to enjoy television in Tencent Video. By browsing it you will have at your disposal everything that is available from the series or movies.

The application has especially original content, in which we can see that the romantic theme is the queen, being one of the most popular and displayed. But we can also find television shows, reality shows and videos uploaded by their own users as if it were a YouTube channel.

The vast majority are Chinese productions, but you can also find older American shows, although if you scroll down there are plenty more current. In the American Tv show section you can browse through the different years. Clicking on the top right corner will take you back to the top and if you simply reset the character set next to the American one, British English shows will appear, where you will find some popular titles like Sherlock or IT Crowd. Also, if you want it in the original language, it has some subtitles that will help you understand everything and not miss a thing.

As for the quality of the videos, in each one you choose you have the option to change them to your liking in its settings, depending on whether you want to watch it in Full HD or in lower quality and save data and battery, all to your liking . You will also have control of the screen with your fingers, modifying the volume and brightness just by sliding across it.

With Tencent Video you have the facility to continue watching your favorite content wherever you have left, with the Continue Viewing function it helps you to remember where you were going and to continue from that precise point.

The Tencent Video application is free, but it has a paid account where you can enjoy exclusive content for a small fee. In addition, it gives you the facility to pay it as you like, divided one month, into 3 months, annually, etc. So, if you pay a month and you are not convinced, you can delete your subscription without having to pay more months.

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Tencent Video

Get last review 16.01.2021
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- It's free.

- It's fast.

- Good quality.

- Large catalog of content.
- You don't have some movies.

- It has very old shows.

- Incomplete series.

- Sometimes you can find things only in Chinese.

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