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TIDAL is a global music and entertainment platform that provides us with lossless CD sound quality and music-quality video, plus materials prepared by journalists and specialists.

TIDAL brings music fans to their favorite artists and provides on-demand access to discover new songs from our huge catalog of songs and videos. The complete TIDAL catalog is complemented by exclusive content, including exclusive songs, albums and movies with the participation of the best musicians, athletes and artists in the world. We offer not only access to exclusive digital content, but also the opportunity to participate in unique life experiences, such as shows with recognized or emerging artists and other direct interactions between fans and their favorite artists.

TIDAL is available in more than 46 countries, with more than 36 million music directories and almost 86,000 high-quality movies. The service offers the opportunity to discover new artists through TIDAL Discovery and unique experiences through TIDAL X.

You can create your own playlists, share music with friends, listen to radio built on the basis of an artist or selected music, find artist biographies, view similar artists, edit your playlist and much more!

What's new?

- Added a link at the top of the screen that makes it easy to navigate to the content being played.
- Fixed random deletion problem.
- Small bug fixes.

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Get last review 16.01.2021
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- Offers an ethical approach to artists' rights.

- Provides the best sound quality available in the company.

- Concluded with lots of videos and written content.
- High quality streaming can quickly consume your mobile data.

Latest NEWS

Tidal launches a super offer

Tidal launches a super offer


The streaming platform founded by Jay Z has launched an offer like no other, in Spain you can enjoy its premium version for € 3 for 3 months, costing € 1 monthly subscription. But as if this were not enough, he has also released another one in which you can enjoy it for 5 months for only one euro, including the family plan

Tidal bets on virtual reality concerts

Tidal bets on virtual reality concerts


With the whole new normal reinventing itself, that is what Jay-Z has had to think, who has invested 7 million SENSO Tokens from the Sensorium Corporation company. Some coins that are used in Sensorium Galaxy, a virtual reality social space in which you can enjoy any type of leisure, all over the world, without leaving home

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