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Updated 07.08.2020

If you are looking for an application with which you can have a search engine, your social networks, an online store, download music and videos, among other things and at high speed, UC Browser is what you need. With this browser you can find everything you are looking for without losing quality

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UC Browser is known as one of the fastest browsers today. This search engine system is part of the giant Alibaba and its creator has been the Chinese company UC Mobile, which has had a great reception in Asian markets, being the most used in some countries on the continent. After conquering Asia, his objective is to establish himself in the international market.

Surfing the internet from our Smartphone is one of the most common tasks today. Although it is true, most of the time we use pre-installed browsers, although these are not exactly the best option. It is for this reason that the great unknown UC Browser is being unveiled, which bases its operation on the use of a data compression technology to improve the speed with which its users can navigate. It is currently available on platforms such as Iphone, ipad, Android, Pc and smart phones with windows phone and you can download it for free from the Google Play Store and App Store.

The main characteristics of UC Browser is its speed when browsing, its performance has been compared from devices of different brands and with different operating systems and in all of them it has met the expectations that were had, this makes it an excellent option to test.

This application has many benefits, for example, it helps you control your data plan while you are browsing and also allows you to block quite annoying advertising from some websites. It has more than 500 million users and a score of 4.5, being an excellent alternative to install on your favorite device. You will find it translated in 11 languages, including: Chinese, English, Russian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Right now Chrome has won the game in India and Indonesia and this is because in these countries the hardware is more limited and the web connections are slow, which makes UC Browser ideal since it takes up less space and allows to continue connected despite network instabilities, but always maintaining the quality of the images and videos of the web pages we are visiting.

One of the advantages that we will have when using UC Browser is the ability to download the videos to our mobile device locally, using a third-party application called Video Downloader for UC Browser that can be easily downloaded from Google and can be connect with your browser to have access to that content you like the most from youtube. Apart from audiovisual content, it offers very useful information such as news, the latest sports results, etc.

When you access the browser, you will see at the top all the favorite applications you have, in case you want to quickly access from there such as YouTube. To these you can add and remove others to your liking, as many times as you want, without any limit.

UC Browser has a practical navigation system for example to quickly change from one page to another and thus manage them correctly. Automatically blocking pop-up ads and allowing seamless browsing. In its latest versions it also includes an online hard drive that allows you to save all kinds of files you want from the Internet without taking up space on your phone.

It should be noted that you can also use the anonymous mode, with which you can navigate with complete assurance that no one can see the pages you are visiting and I can choose to see in full screen. From Plugins I can download applications that are combined with the browser, from there manage them and everything you see or download from UC Browser you can share with other applications that you have on your device such as social networks. In the accessories section if you press the + button you will add as many as you want to combine.

You can download themes to put in the background of the browser and customize any element of the application, you can also activate the night mode to give a rest to the sight and to be able to read your pages in low light environments. If you press the button of the 3 lines of the menu you can see that the number of data consumption is indicated, this will make us realize how much is being consumed per day, it is possible to see what I have spent today and you can also see the previous day.

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Category : Apps
Desarrollador : UCWeb Singapore Pte
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- It is faster than others on the market.

- It has a good design.

- You can connect applications to combine actions.

- The ease of downloading files without taking up space on your mobile.
- Many annoying ads.

- You receive many notifications.

- Failed to download.

- The background application does not work.

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