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This is the perfect application for networking and meeting new people. Viber is one of the most popular messengers in the world. Not only is it free, but in addition to text, you can also send photos, videos, stickers and much more.

One of the advantages of Viber is that it is compatible with very different operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, among others. You only need to connect to the Internet and install the application on your mobile phone, you will find it available to download for free in the Google Play Store and the App Store. Enter your phone number and wait a few seconds to receive Viber's six-digit code, now you can start using it.

Available in 30 languages, the main objective of Viber is to enable communication between people and that this occurs exclusively between the participants and in a secure way, for this it has end-to-end encryption.

It is an app created expressly for mobile devices, so you will find that calls are free and you can make them internationally, with its Viber Out function you will even call people who do not have it installed. To use this calling service, you will have to go to your account and buy credits

With Viber you will also send multimedia files quickly and you have the possibility to create groups of up to 100 people. A curious update has been Viber Wink, an extension that allows you to make Snapchat-style videos and photos. You can send your files up to 10 seconds long and once the other person has seen it, it will disappear from the conversation, so no one can see it again, including you.

Sometimes you can see a message but not reply right now. In those cases, when you don't want to disappoint the sender, like why did they see my message but why didn't they mind responding? You can disable showing that the message has been seen. To do this, it is as easy as going to Settings and in Privacy deactivate the option of "seen". the rest of the members will never receive the message that you have read it. In this sense and in the same section, you also have the possibility to remove your "Online" status.

You can clean the memory of the files we send you. Although by installing the application we are granting Viber the power to save the data, it can always be asked to delete it, although it is the company that will have the last word on whether to delete it or not.

With Viber it is very easy to backup and restore your messages, images and files, after reinstalling it or switching to a new device. It presents a utility to make a backup copy of the messages, this will help you when it is necessary to save an important chat. To use it you will have to go to Settings and in the Account section you will directly find the possibility of making a "Viber Backup".

But there is still more, you can also hide your profile photo from other users you do not know and use the secret chat option, which uses an encryption technology similar to that applied to the commons, but with some differences, in particular they include: a self destruct timer to delete all messages, message forwarding disabled: if the person you are chatting with, or another member, takes a screenshot everyone else will get a special notification, all data is exchanged via a end-to-end encrypted channel. In this type of secret chat a password is set for you for additional protection.

If you need to share your location on Viber, it lets you find your friends or family when you planned to meet somewhere but can't find them, send your coordinates and they can see where you are. You can also send a transmission message to a group of friends, thus saving time of going one by one in all the contacts you want to write to.

Viber is ideal for traveling, having free calls will save you money when communicating by phone with friends and family. Use your data plan or a nearby Wi-Fi to keep in touch without any problem.

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Get last review 16.01.2021
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- Free application for calls and messages.

- You can use it throughout your business.

- You can send high quality images.

- Notify when there is a screenshot in secret chat.
- The files you share cannot be too large.

- It needs a good connection to work well.

- Threat of computer viruses.

- To make international calls you have to pay.

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Viber fights against hunger in the world in its new campaign


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