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After seven years of waiting the Gearbox Software people together with the 2k Games distributor launched Borderlands 3. The new product is one of the most innovative in the field of games and applications. Its development full of jokes, nice animations and, above all, tons of action make it one of the most interesting installments for lovers of first-person shooter games with RPG elements.
Borderlands 3 maintains the essence of the style of titles that it catapulted after its first launch in 2009. That is, a proposal for first person shots in which we will have options to improve our character, weapons, outfits and all kinds of elements as Let's progress in the game, complete missions, kill enemies and earn points.

Playing Borderlands 3 guarantees us action, action and more action. Those in charge of this installment that is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and computers focused on producing an advanced system of fights and confrontations that make the regular development of the history of campaign mode remain in the background. The hours of fun that the weapons and the enemies of the title assure us make the plot of what happens not so important.

Both the weapons and the monsters and final bosses of each world are varied and very fun to discover as we go through the experience. The arsenal available in Borderlands 3 is the best they have ever come up with, and each of the rifles, pistols, and shotguns features a primary and a secondary attack to discover. The balance in this aspect of the game is also very well achieved, there are no weapons that are much more powerful than others. In turn, the creatures that we will annihilate are very different and with unique designs. Some of the final bosses are truly memorable.

While Gearbox Software's product may present a somewhat sluggish campaign, side missions are well-crafted and a lot of fun. As fans expected, Borderlands 3 maintains a sense of humor, heavy jokes, and dialogue that will make you have a good time. Choosing which objective to pursue will be very easy during the games so we do not miss any moment of action, the highlight of the delivery.

Downloading Borderlands 3 is knowing a series of new characters that will give us different experiences depending on who we play with. Having each of these mechanics and diverse abilities will make repeating history with each one of them not a problem.
The available characters are: Amara (Siren), FL4K (Beastmaster), Moze (Gunner) and Zane (Operative). Amara is a mermaid who possesses blows with powerful fists; FL4K is a robot that will perform actions with your pets that will help you during missions and can become invisible; Moze Gunner is a former soldier who knows how to handle a variety of weapons to perfection, and Zane is an experienced agent who specializes in distracting his enemies.
Each of them will be part of the excellent action and attack mechanics that this game contains, where the new movements of movement and escalation are highlighted. The movement will be constant during the games.

If we stop to analyze the graphic section of the game distributed by 2k Games launching in September 2019, we find that the product is not one of the most elaborate proposals available on the market but presents an original aesthetic with drawings that resemble a world of comics well made. The details are taken care of and the settings are the highest points to highlight. Losing yourself between the lands of Borderlands 3 is very entertaining. In addition, each character and their voices are dubbed in a good number of languages, allowing you to enjoy the jokes that the game contains.

The experience of bb multiplayer and with friends is the best we can do in this installment. The franchise that would be a pioneer of a genre that became one of the most popular returns, after a good time it is true, with a game recommended for those looking for action and beautiful worlds to discover.

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Borderlands 3

Get last review 03.08.2021
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- Very well developed combats.

- Good variety of weapons.

- Dubbing of dialogues in different languages.

- Good choice for multiplayer.
- The story in general is not very good.

- Artificial Intelligence of the enemies could be improved.

- Regular animations.

- It does not present so many news regarding its predecessors.

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