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Updated 06.08.2020

Call of Duty is a computer game set in the reality of World War II. The game allows you to verify the role of a soldier sent to the battlefield. It is a perspective view of first person shooting and players go through missions

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Infinity Ward
Rev PEGI 3
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Call of Duty is an action / FPS game that takes place during World War II, in which you can play the role of American parachutist, British commando, or Russian walker and feel the atmosphere of this historical period.

In Call of Duty, you play as a member of a well-trained team, protecting yourself with fire and helping injured people get to a safe place. In addition to movement and trained group tactics, each soldier has his own personality and skills that are useful during the fight.

A single soldier or individual country will not win this conflict. In Call of Duty, for the first time you will see a war from many sides, through the eyes of the American, British, and Russian soldiers. The full game includes 24 missions divided into 4 linked historical campaigns. Tasks in various missions range from sabotage and open combat to actions in the enemy's rear, rescue missions, or even battles by armored units.

The authentic weapons, locations, vehicles, and sounds of the battlefield create a captivating and realistic picture of World War II.

Well received by critics and players, Call of Duty is a representative of the shooting genre. It is available on the following platforms: PC, X360, PS3.

Call of Duty provides us with a balanced dose of realistic combat and intense action known from war movies. Thanks to this game you will be able to know the battlefield from a completely different perspective: nameless heroes, soldiers of rank from allied countries, who try to restore the true course of modern history.

5 tips to be able to play better in Call of Duty mobile and thus go up the league quickly.

1- Having a good configuration of controls is essential to be able to play correctly. If you play 4 fingers because it is more advantageous since you are faster to press buttons, you can play quietly from mobile devices.

2- Simple mode or advanced mode? the simple mode is an automatic shot but it doesn't really give you as much advantage as it seems, at the beginning of the game it gives you the temptation to play the automatic mode because you think it will be easier but it really isn't because it takes a long time to shoot with that So, you have less reaction to defend yourself. In advanced mode, if he sees you he shoots you much faster.

3- They must enter a game of Bots to understand what the field of vision is, it is something that is in the settings and can change us to be better players. The field of vision is what we see on the screen, what we see can be reduced or enlarged, therefore expanding our peripheral vision. If we go to settings and then to the field of view of the camera, depending on the device with which you play you must choose this size. The idea is the more field of vision the better because we have advantages when playing games.

4- Control Respawn, what it would be to control when enemies or allies reappear. When you die in the game you reappear somewhere else which every time you reappear it changes. There is an area where enemies reappear and another where allies reappear but in other game modes, the reappearances change depending on where we move. It is important to know where all the possible respawn are and understand how the positions where you will find them in the different game modes are changing because if we understand how they work in the middle of a game, we will avoid being shot in the back which is the most important thing.

5- Reload: There are many people who are firing and until the charger is finished, they do not reload the weapon and this is a mistake! The best thing is that when you see that you have around 5 bullets reload because when you run out it will be that you are using it at that moment and when you are distracted to reload the weapon they can kill you at that moment. You have to understand that whenever we shoot we kill or not and we have a moment to be able to recharge because no one will reload it, the charger must always be at maximum.

Download Call of Duty and go back in time to World War II!

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Infinity Ward
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- Extremely amazing visual effects.

- The war mode is unique.

-The game is bloody and intense.

- Create a deep and interesting category.

- Great battle scenes.
- The single player campaign is too short.

- Multi-person visual effects are dimmed to increase speed.

- Strange environment interaction.

- Trials.

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