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The end of 1999 is approaching and the world of videogames is about to receive one of the titles that will mark the definitive course that the industry will adopt in the years to come. A delivery that will modify the conception of games and applications, in terms of competitiveness, connectivity, tactics, strategy and gameplay.

The Valve company was responsible for Half-Life, a first-person shooter that was released in 1998. The plot consists of putting yourself in the shoes of Gordon Freeman and fighting a battle against a variety of enemies to save our lives. So far, nothing we have seen before.
But Half-Life would be the basis that would give us the ability to play Counter Strike. Two fans of the game, Minh Le and Jess Cliffe, made a modification of the title in which they raised a very different modality and that would become one of the most important games of all time.

Le and Cliffe developed Counter Strike. With the base of Half-Life they made a simple, entertaining and above all very addictive proposal. One of the advantages of Counter Strike is that no game is the same as the other. Its mode does not allow you to get bored and it is because the title introduced the alternative of playing against other users at the same time, facing each other by teams. The presence of so many real players means that each team, each person, has a different strategy, a way of achieving the objective that will not be the same as each other.
When we download Counter Strike, we are faced with a proposal that bases its success on simplicity. Two sides face each other for a certain amount of time within maps that are not usually very large. The game is divided into rounds in which each team has to meet a goal. There are two factions, terrorists and counter-terrorists. The missions are always the same and only vary according to the map, in some the terrorists must place and detonate the bomb in a specific place while in others the counter-terrorists have the mission of rescuing a group of hostages. A little advice ... it is always easier to be a terrorist since achieving the objective is easier.

The simplicity of Counter Strike is also found in that each time a round ends, players start over under the same conditions. This means that while you can keep your weapons if you win the round, Valve's proposal is very fair and even. Anyone can win and develop skills. There are no secrets or enhancements that grant benefits. You just have to practice, practice and practice.
Another novelty that Counter Strike introduced at its launch was that between the teams there are different characters to choose from, each one with a particular appearance. Although the original version of Counter-Strike did not have many models, its new editions expanded the options. The weapons that can be used are the traditional ones: snipers, rifles, shotguns, pistols, rifles, submachine guns and grenades. Each team has its own arsenal.

The Valve title had successive sequels but the most important is known as CS: GO or Global Offensive. The new version enables a great variety of characters, weapons, maps and recovers the traditional spirit of the original delivery. Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects is that Counter Strike Global Offensive can be downloaded for free on Steam, the virtual game store owned by Valve.

Counter Strike changed the history of all players. It is a must stop in the modern history of the industry. Not only the ingenuity of its creators marked the destination of the delivery, but also external factors such as the advancement of the internet at the time the game was born. This technological advance allowed many to access the title and could enjoy the experience between several users. The same happened with the development of network connections. Counter Strike gave rise to the phenomenon of cyber-cafes, sites with a number of high-performance computers that became home to fans of the first-person shooter game.
The possibility of playing Counter Strike for free today on Steam opens the doors of a title that no fan of the genre can miss.

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Counter Strike

Get last review 03.08.2021
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- A classic, a historical game of the industry

- Very entertaining

- The most skilled player wins

- Memorable maps

- Development of tactics and strategy
- It does not have many game varieties

- The graphics are normal

- It can be complex depending on which game you play

- It needs practice

Latest NEWS

Two new maps in Counter Strike

Two new maps in Counter Strike


Counter Strike keeps up to date with its updates. The most popular first person shooter game adds two new maps. Mutiny represents a small tropical town set in a pirate world. Swamp is based in the United States and is a sawmill located next to a swamp

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