Geometry Dash
Manage to overcome all its official levels and create new ones in this geometric world
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The world of mobile games is infinite, with very bizarre titles in which any theme or genre has its place. The most popular are the platforms in which your main objective is to overcome different obstacles on your way while you are adding points and getting to level up, until you make a mistake and start over.

Among them, there is one that although it is not well known, has millions of players around the world and promises hours of fun, we are talking about Geometry Dash. Created in 2013 specifically for mobile devices, its fame, and the requests of its users, meant that in 2014 it will also land for computer through the Steam platform.

Created and developed by RobTop, this independent platform game has a very retro feel that will delight the most nostalgic of those wonderful eighties and will also add new players with its game modes, so different from what they are used to.

Play Geometry Dash, it is ideal to have a good time with its quick games. Its mechanics are simple, you must go jumping through its different screens while dodging obstacles and avoid dying until the end of each one of them. The way in which you will do it will be by pressing on the screen of your phone each time one of these problems appears, achieving normal jumps or true pirouettes in the air. Download Geometry Dash, you find it available for Android and iOS devices.

With 21 official difficulty levels and more than 60 million created by users, because that is one of the advantages of Geometry Dash, each of its players has something to contribute to the game by creating their own game screen, editing an existing one from your level editor and sharing it with the rest of the competitors.

Any of these levels is possible, with different levels of difficulty you will be able to appreciate the subtle differences that you will find on the same screen. For example, in practice mode you will have a small help at your fingertips in which you will be marking the save points along the way so as not to lose everything you have achieved, or in normal mode where you will have to collect all the coins that appear and complete each of the screens to pass the level. You choose, there are from the easy in practice to a hellish level of demon. There are levels that you can only access if you get a series of specific rewards, such as secret coins.

Another of its characteristics is that it can be played online, in this way you will have access to the levels created by other users, which you can download and play at any time, getting special coins and exclusive rewards. In your user account you will find all your saved statistics, so that you have your data safe and can share it with the rest to climb the ranking of the game.

Music is a very important aspect of the Geometry Dash game, it helps you move through the different screens and know how to avoid obstacles. Jump to the rhythm of the song that's playing and let yourself be carried away by this immersive atmosphere. Each of its levels has its own soundtrack, so in addition to unlocking new screens, you will also discover new melodies.

All the elements of Geometry Dash are customizable, you have a kit of icons to make your character more fun and interesting, in addition, it also has three stores where you can buy different objects, effects and colors with which to customize your protagonist with the coins that you collect since it does not have any type of extra purchase within the game.

Download Geometry Dash, it is a game that is very worth giving a try. The possibility of creating your own levels and not having only the officers makes it very interesting. With more than 100,000 downloads, it has become a large community of very active users, making it an infinite game due to the number of personalized levels they have created and shared with others. Dare to enter this geometric world and let your imagination fly.

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : RobTop Games
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- You can create your own game levels.

- It has many levels of difficulty.

- Infinite screens.

- Music accompanies the action.
- It is little updated.

- Difficult levels cannot be overcome and discourages.

- It can get boring because of the similarity in their screens.

- The customization elements are limited.
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Geometry Dash

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