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We all seek to have fun forever in our history, many of the ancient civilizations have records of the presence of different types of entertainment methods. Among the most iconic and durable games over the years we find the Ludo.
Ludo means "I play" in Latin and is a strategic board game for two or four people. This is a Chinese version, but the rules remain unchanged. It is known by different names depending on the region. It can be called Chopat, Chaupur, Pachisi, Parcheesi, Parkase or Parcheesi. Your task is to run four pieces from start to finish. Players advance according to the clockwise direction. The first player to bring all his pieces to the center of the board wins.

Today technology brings us a great possibility to all those fans of the traditional game that was born thousands of years ago. The Moonfrong company allows us to download Ludo Club and enjoy the experience on mobile devices and tablets. The app can be obtained free of charge.

Have you ever heard of the Ludo Club game? It is the perfect table proposal that has become popular in a very short time, all thanks to the opportunity to play with friends and online. Compete with other players in an exciting game that was once part of the life of royal families in ancient India. Throw the cube and move your pieces to get to the center of the board. What makes Club Ludo so entertaining is its simplicity and that no game will be the same.

By mastering the app and trying to defeat other players, you can lose yourself in it for hours without realizing it!
Compete with other players and reach the top of the leaderboard! Ludo Club is optimistic, simple and friendly family. The rules are not complex and it becomes very difficult to stop playing.

You will also have the possibility to chat with other users at any time and exchange opinions. Free download Ludo Club, one of the best games and applications available. Spend time with friends or family.
The platform developed by Moonfrong is the mobile version of the traditional Ludo and will make you compete with others so that you can become the King of Ludo. This simple, agile and fun idea allows you to connect with your Facebook profile so you can challenge more friends or family. It is always good to have the possibility of linking our social networks with the games we use the most.

The rates of mobile phone plans can be very expensive and that is why one of the great advantages of Ludo Club is that it does not use much data. It can be played through 2G, 3G and 4G networks. The game options offer the chance to participate against the AI ​​or among friends. In addition, it is available in a large number of languages, among which are: English, Portuguese, Italian, German or Spanish, among others.

The social aspect of the application is very important and it is very well developed. In Ludo Club it is possible to have conversations with other users and send gifts if the player wishes. It's always good to have a gesture on special days like birthdays or anniversaries. If during a conversation you do not know how to express yourself with words, you can send a funny emoji.
The app that revives the traditional board game offers users the possibility to get free coins with daily bonus functions and the wonderful die of luck. No game will be the same with all the special dice that Ludo Club offers, you can choose between high or low numbers or odd or even.

The possibility offered today to download Ludo Club is something that should not be missed. The application developed by Moonfrong brings an all-time classic closer to an audience of all ages. A traditional proposal that entertains with a simple, fun, agile, relaxed and fun-filled idea. All the chips, dice and boards are customizable and there is the possibility of exchanging them through purchases made within the app.

Don't miss the opportunity to download Ludo Club.

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Desarrollador : Moonfrog
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- You need internet, but you don't spend a lot of information and you don't use a lot of battery.

- Ability to use chat while playing.

- Easy to use.

- There is no age restriction.
- The game is available only online.

- In-app purchases.

- You can get bored quickly.

- It can present failures.
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Ludo Club

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Ludo Club seals the return of a classic

Ludo Club seals the return of a classic


Confinement hurt many but helped as many. One of the beneficiaries was the creators of Ludo Club who saw a considerable increase in their number of users. In addition, the traditional game app allows you to easily invite your friends using Facebook profiles or by sharing games through WhatsApp links

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