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 Help Luigi save his friends in this haunted mansion 
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Luigi's Mansion 3 represents the third installment of Luigi's action-adventure game from the Mansion series for Nintendo Switch only. Putting aside the fact that Luigi and his friends are checking into a VIP hotel this time instead of a royal mansion, this new experience will make you smile and laugh at his adorable sense of humor.

A mysterious invitation has arrived and Luigi and company decide to accept it, but something strange is happening in this hotel, which turns out to be haunted and everyone has been kidnapped. With this video game, the series returns to a single mansion format, only now it is in the form of a high-rise hotel, with each floor offering a unique setting for Luigi's ghost hunting adventure. This hotel is full of surprises and ghosts, many ghosts. To help with all the paranormal activity, it will be equipped with the latest model of Poltergust technology: the G-00, invented by Professor Fesor.

It has more features than ever, giving Luigi an unprecedented number of ways to interact with the environment. Beyond the usual suction and puff, you can turn on the flashlight sensor, fire plungers to flip heavier objects, deploy a blast to create a strong updraft and float in the air, use a dark light to reveal invisible objects, and Of course, create a sticky Clone of himself called Gooigi that can pass all kinds of obstacles like bars, fences, and even small pipes to reach areas that Luigi can't. However, Gooigi might just be the best thing about Luigi's Mansion 3, as it opens up a range of exploration options and adds another layer to solve puzzles.

The game also features multiplayer gameplay, up to eight players can play together using four Nintendo Switch consoles. The faults in this Tower of Terror change every time you visit it. Split up and explore all the hidden corners of the hotel and then work together to clean up those ghosts. You will have to face different missions on each floor and try to complete them within the time limit.

Can you get to the top? You can also assemble a team of up to eight Ghost Hunters online. In the mode called screampark, you can choose between two teams, Team Luigi or Team Gooigi. In Scream Park, the eight ghost hunters can fight together on a Nintendo Switch console, where they can capture a ghost, fire cannonballs, or try to collect all the coins.

You will also have to gather the colored Jewels, a set of 6 of different colors and you will find them in specific places that will not always be easy, so on many occasions you will have to use tools and use them in a certain way. With the coins that you get you can buy objects in the store that includes the game.

The plants do not follow a normal numerical order, the story does not stop changing and will make you jump uncontrollably through them, never knowing where you are going to end up. The hotel has numerous rooms and attractions, each floor having its own theme, such as a concert hall, a medieval castle, a botanical area, a history museum and even a disco. Get to the end of each of them by solving their puzzles and eliminating the ghosts.

On each floor there is a terrifying boss, which makes them more complicated and fun. They are powerful ghosts that are difficult to defeat. But to get to them first you will have to overcome the army that is in each of the levels. Like each plant, its bosses are thematic and among them we will find all kinds of characters: a maid who is dedicated to stealing objects from guests, a somewhat inexperienced security guard, King Espantacus himself, a dinosaur or Brazael, a thug of swimming pool. All of them will guide you until you reach the great villain King Boo.

Do not miss the new and crazy adventure of our second favorite plumber in Luigi`s Mansion 3, one of the funniest games and applications of the saga.

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Luigi's Mansion 3

Get last review 02.08.2021
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- Very nice story

- Lots of fun and tasks

- Graphically pleasant environment

- Luigi's new tools are very useful
- It could be difficult to aim into the void

- Recurring enemies

- Only for Nintendo Switch

- The level of difficulty is not very high

Latest NEWS

Luigi's Mansion 3 on sale until August 30

Luigi's Mansion 3 on sale until August 30


Nintendo has launched an offer framed in the Share the Fun event, with which, as its own title indicates, it wants to share the fun of some of its games. Among them we find Luigi's Mansion 3, which you can buy up to 75% cheaper. This sale on a series of select titles will be available until August 30

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