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Mario, Mario, Mario is the name of one of the great stars of the universe of games and applications, which we have felt repeated a thousand times since he was born there in the early 80s by the hand of Shigeru Miyamoto. Since its inception until today, more than 150 titles have been released around the figure of the beloved plumber dressed in red. His adventures have been and are present on a wide variety of consoles such as GameCube, Nintendo 64, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Nintendo Switch, Game Boy and from now on you can play Mario for free on Android and iOS with the arrival of Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run is an app developed by Nintendo exclusively for mobile phones. As they did with several of their iconic titles such as Mario Kart, Animal Crossing or Fire Emblems, it is the bet that the Japanese giant makes for this type of terminals.
Nintendo made an outstanding effort to best adapt the ability to play Mario on mobile phones. The title recovers the essence of the traditional titles of the character in which the villain Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach and our hero must rescue her. As simple, traditional and fun as that.

The objective of Super Mario Run is to comply with the custom of Mario game modes, this consists of crossing levels with the platform delivery mode. The app has a great development in each of the worlds and the lands that we will have to circumvent. They participated in the creation of historical artists of the saga achieving an excellent and challenging production of levels that have different difficulties. Each one takes about 30 or 40 seconds to complete, but the challenge will be in being able to fulfill the various missions that each one presents. Achieving 100% of the objectives met will not be an easy task and we must study the mechanics of each level to achieve it.

One of the advantages of Super Mario Run is that the proposal was designed exclusively for mobile phones. This means that it is fully optimized for this type of terminal. It is played vertically and with one hand, which makes the experience very comfortable and you can enjoy it anywhere. Perhaps this brings one of the points to improve which is the one that refers to the controls. There are complex situations of the levels in which Mario needs a lot of precision that, as the controls and movements are designed, it becomes a bit complex.

There are 3 alternatives to enjoy the new Mario for mobile. In addition to the main story with 24 levels and a variety of bosses in which we have to rescue Princess Peach, we will have "Toad Rally" and "Kingdom Builder" available.
In "Toad Rally" you will find the multiplayer option of the Nintendo title. The modality leads us to compete with other players by comparing our performance at a given level. The player who scores the best by performing more spectacular moves and losing fewer lives gets more applause from Toads, more coins, and wins the game. Prizes can be spent in the shop on ornamentation and decoration items used in "Kingdom Builder." In this mode we can build and manage our own kingdom in the Mario world. Hand in hand with the friendly Toads we can locate buildings and customize our terrain as we like.

Super Mario Run is free to download and offers the possibility of testing the title in its first three levels. If we want to enjoy the full experience, we must pay $ 9.99 and we will have access to the full version. Of course, you have to be aware that to play you must always be online via WIFI or a data package.
Mario adds to his long collection of titles a very interesting proposal for mobiles. Super Mario Run offers an experience in the best style of traditional games of the main Nintendo mascot with really high points in its development. Although it has some aspects that could be adjusted and the price can be a bit high, it is a very good option for mobile phones.

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Get last review 28.11.2020
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- It has the traditional spirit of Mario

- Good level design

- Proposal developed exclusively for mobile phones

- Good level progression and difficulty
- You need a connection to work

- If you want the complete game you have to pay

- The controls can be complicated

- You can lose your progress if you do not enter for a while

Latest NEWS

Mario will receive changes in his mobile version

Mario will receive changes in his mobile version


Super Mario Run is the option that Nintendo offers to play Mario on Nintendo and iOS. Now you receive an update that in addition to correcting errors adds new elements. Among the important rumors surrounding the Nintendo mascot app, there is the possibility that micro-payments will be added to improve the sales of the game

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