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Updated 07.08.2020

Blizzard Entertainment brings us a new success with Ovewatch. The game is a proposal of first person battles with a great variety of friendly characters. Each hero has a different role and abilities. The diversity of the figures means that there is never an equal battle in Overwatch

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Desarrollador : Blizzard Entertainment
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Overwatch is another Blizzard Entertainment hit. The company founded in 1994 based in the United States expands its successful universe that already has franchises such as Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft or Hearthstone. The game was born in 2016 and is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and computers.
If you come across the idea of ​​playing Overwatch, you should know that you will approach a unique game of its kind. Blizzard's proposal is full of innovative gameplay mechanics, unique characters and memorable maps. The installment is a first person shooting title in which our objective will be to work as a team (there is no option to play alone) to defeat other users in different modalities. To achieve this goal and achieve victory, you can choose from a varied cast of heroes, each with very special characteristics and all different from each other.

By downloading Overwatch you will enter a world full of possibilities in these 6v6 battles. The seasoning that makes it unique is the variety of heroes that you will have available to choose from. Each of them can fulfill a different mission on the battlefield. The alternatives are Tank, Damage or Support.

If you choose the figures that are Tank type, you will find that they are those that manage to absorb blows and can knock down a large group of enemies. If what you like is going to the front and the vanguard of your platoon, here is your class. Some of the characters of this style are: Orisa, Renihardt, Roadhog, Sigma and Winston.
If you lean towards the option of playing with characters of the Damage type you will come across soldiers who can do a lot of damage but at the same time are very fragile when it comes to receiving it. That is to say, they will need to be well covered and with available reinforcements to be able to harm the adversary with their variety of skills and strategies. Within this category we have: Ashe, Bastion, Doomfist, Echo and Genji.
In the event that your play style is Support, the objective will be to give constant support to your allies. This can be accomplished through health cures, shields, or by enhancing your abilities for more damage. You will also have the possibility to disable your enemies. In the case of using this class you can meet heroes like: Ana, Baptiste, Brigitte, Lúcio and Mercy.
This varied system of functions and roles that each player fulfills in the games is one of the advantages of Overwatch. Each battle will be different because everything changes depending on the character you choose, who you play with in your squad and the formation of the enemy team.

Among the Overwatch game modes we can choose Practice Range, Play / Practive vs AI, Quick Play, Arcade, Competitive Play, or Custom Game. As the name of each option indicates, we have the possibility to practice, to play to improve the position in the world ranking or to participate in the interesting Arcade Mode that presents different rules and rewards each week.

In another of the possibilities granted by the creation of Blizzard we find the Workshop option. This section allows you to explore your creativity if you are that type of person who always has an idea in their head. You will have the chance to build custom games and game modes with a series of advanced programming tools available. Once you have your idea developed you can share it with the game community.

Each time an Overwatch game ends, players will have a chance to recognize their behavior in battle. The game enables a series of recognitions that can be sent between users. It can be that of Decision if you were a good leader; Good teamwork, if the coordination between the heroes was very good or Sportsmanship for those who had good behavior in the game.

In visual terms the game is a total beauty. Each map is elaborated to the maximum and there is no detail that has not been worked to create a particular atmosphere in each scenario. The setting is friendly, fun and full of colors.
Years go by and Overwatch is still one of the best video games of its genre. Original and fun.


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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Blizzard Entertainment
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- Excellent graphics.

- There are no battles that resemble each other.

- Variety of characters.

- Scenarios and original maps.

- Teamwork.
- There is no single mode or campaign.

- You may be penalized if a squadmate leaves the game.

- Sometimes teamwork doesn't work well.

- It is difficult to level up.

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