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 Explore the Wild West on horseback with this band of outlaws 
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In October 2018, Rockstar studios launched what is probably the most important installment in recent years in terms of games and applications. Red Dead Redemption II was eagerly awaited by fans and by all specialists in the world of electronic entertainment. The expectation was worth it and was more than justified once this monumental open-world title recounting the adventures of Arthur Morgan and his group of outlaw friends came into our hands.

As the American Rockstar studios, responsible for hits like the Grand Theft Auto franchise or Max Payne, tend to do, playing Red Dead Redemption II is synonymous with immersing yourself in a world full of possibilities. The title that maintains and expresses what the firm knows how to do best (sand-box or open-world delivery) is a setting in the Wild West in North America. The year in which the events happen is 1899 and the interaction that can be carried out on the gigantic map is total. You can do absolutely everything from hunting, horseback riding, playing cards or just strolling through the beautiful landscapes on our horse.

Like any title that carries the signature of these studios, one of the advantages of Red Dead Redemption II is its phenomenal, engaging and very well sustained storyline. The Rockstar creatives have us used to developing solid and complex characters and our new protagonist of this western adventure is no exception.

The figure that we will embody in this adventure, which lasts between 50 and 60 hours only if its 104 main missions are completed, is Arthur Morgan. Morgan is an outlaw who is part of the Dutch Van der Linde gang. The group of criminals is the same to which John Marston belonged, the main protagonist of the first installment of Red Dead Redemption and who will also say present in this title. Although they are people outside the law, they will achieve, through their attitudes and life stories, that we develop empathy for each one of them.

Arthur Morgan is the best and most skilled member of the gang, Sadie Adler is an intrepid woman who wants to get revenge for the murder of her husband, Sean Macguire is a nice very cunning Irish outlaw, the Reverend Swanson is a former member of the church who decided to change the course of his life and Josiah Trelawny is an illusionist with great ability to get the best information. These are just a few of the members of the group Morgan moves into. With them we will share a camp where we can find out about the adventures that each one goes through. The story is very dense and has a lot of content. Each character will have their development and we will find out what happens to them through scenes of dialogues very well achieved, and above all generated spontaneously. A clearly new element in regards to the development of this type of games.

Downloading Red Dead Redemption II is opening the doors to endless game possibilities. Beyond the main story we can carry out missions as bounty hunters, chase some of the 200 species of animals available, fish, steal trains or errands, enter bars or play cards. Each aspect has a perfect elaboration and with each detail one hundred percent care.

Shooting and action mechanics are also working correctly. With each release, Rockstar has gradually improved this important aspect of completing missions. In Red Dead Redemption II the handling is very good and we have special animations every time we make a good shot.
When it comes to graphic and sound development it can be summed up with just one word, excellent. Definitely Rockstar manages to transport us to the exciting world of the western with the cared animations in great detail. The soundtrack has more than 200 previously unreleased tracks and the voices of the characters were performed by more than a thousand different artists.

Red Dead Redemption II is another masterpiece that Rockstar has accustomed us to. All you have to do is enter this new world.

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Red Dead Redemption II

Get last review 16.01.2021
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- It's a wonderful game.

- Graphic, textures, animations.

- More than 200 original songs on the soundtrack.

- Good shooting mechanics.

- A remarkable story.

- Possibility of doing many activities.
- The artificial intelligence of the enemies could be better.

- The voices are not translated.

- The large amount of content can be overwhelming.

- Some outcomes of the stories are not good.

Latest NEWS

Red Dead Redemption II leaves Xbox Game Pass in September

Red Dead Redemption II leaves Xbox Game Pass in September


Due to the update of Microsoft's subscription service and the rotation of its titles, which will mean that from September 7 we will no longer find Red Dead Redemption II available in its catalog. This game has been in your inventory for four months, so to continue enjoying it you will have to pay full price

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