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There are games that do not go out of style. When a proposal is good, original and fun, there is no passing of the years that can affect it. It happens with great classics like chess, sudoku or ludo or ludo. We refer to modes of entertainment that can be up to thousands years old. Societies have enjoyed them for a long time.

At the end of the 1930s, one of the most popular and original entertainment was born that continues to this day. Scrabble officially arrived in December 1948 and continues to be a success to this day. Although its original proposal is as a board game, today we are going to bring you an alternative with which you will have the opportunity to play Scrabble on mobile for free.
Many times you are not at home or in a suitable place to move the board and the pieces of this entertainment. Therefore we will present you a solution so that you can download Scrabble on Android or iOS.

Scrabble Go is the best option to challenge your friends and family or meet fans of the mythical game. The app is owned by Scopely. The company has in its mobile catalog powerful apps such as: Marvel Strike Force, Looney Tunes, Star Trek, WWE Champions or YAHTZEE.
The most important thing to note when playing Scrabble Go is that the app is the only official one available in the current market. In other words, it uses all the authorized licenses regarding the board, tabs and dictionaries. The purpose of the title is the same. Form as many words as possible by using the spaces on the board and the letter tiles that give the most points.

Among the advantages of Scrabble Go is that the Scopely firm added a series of new game modes so that when enjoying the program the experience is not always the same. At first you will have the opportunity to measure your skills against artificial intelligence, then in individual 1vs1 challenges and finally you will be able to enter the competition mode.
All your statistics, results and score will be saved and will invite you to seek to be the best on your list of friends and family. You can search and invite all your contacts from the list you have on Facebook to play Scrabble or meet new players. If you meet someone you want to face again, you will have the opportunity to add them to a list of favorites. In turn, you have a chat to comment on the game or learn more about your opponent.

Now you have the opportunity to bring all your style to the Scrabble experience. The application has a large number of aspects for you to customize the color and shape of your chips. Print your identity on the board so they know who they are playing against. As you play more and more games, you will make chests that contain beautiful and interesting aspects.
There are different game modes in Scrabble Go. You can choose from "Duels", "Word Drop", "Tumber", "Rush", "Leagues" and Practice Mode.
In "Duels" the confrontation is with a rival of the same level, for a limited time and with five turns per person. "Word Drop" is a very dynamic option since the letter tiles are destroyed in each round. "Tumbler" invites you to search for words within a specific set of letters. "Rush" is a time-limited, turn-based challenge in which you will measure your skill on a smaller board and "Leagues" is the section in which you will compete and demonstrate your qualities against players from all over the world.

Scrabble does not go out of style and appears in an excellent version for mobile devices that will ensure hours and hours of fun. Not only will you have the opportunity to become the traditional way to enjoy this experience but you will also be able to adapt your skills to new and challenging game modes.
Join and discover a virtual community of followers of this proposal and invite all your contacts to join. Enjoy your favorite game wherever it is, regardless of the time of day.

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Scopely
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- Official game

- Possibility of getting personalized chips

- Various game modes

- Linking with Facebook account
- Many advertisements

- You can lose games if you are not active

- Difficulty levels problems

- Somewhat confusing interface, with too much information
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