Sky Dancer
Run and jump through these magical endless landscapes
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Sky Dancer is one of the most beautiful games out there, with soothing music and scenarios that will make your imagination run wild. With a wide variety of characters, immerse yourself in a minimalist planet and don't stop running.

When you think of infinite racing games, you do it on streets, highways, rooftops, with Sky Dancer you do it on floating islands suspended in an infinite sky. With 3D graphics, it makes the atmosphere that is created around it impressive, making its changes radical and that when you notice it most it is in the night games. Surrounding music is added to these images, which will make the experience even more fascinating and magical.

As you can see on the main screen when you start the game, you are high above a huge circle and where you can choose which game mode you are willing to select, such as improving or changing our Sky Dancer, the Dancer tab is where You can see all the characters that the game offers us: Tharbadis, Carol Claus, David, Lucia, Beatrice, and so on until we reach 10 characters, for now, because with future updates they can be increased.

As you can see, the game offers us many characters which you can unlock while running, finding the different pieces of the puzzle along the way and beating the levels.

Sky Dancer is a game that you can download for free and you find it available for Android and iOS devices. It has a series of micro purchases inside of it, but they are not mandatory in order to enjoy the beauty of the sky dancers.

The main difference and one of its advantages you will find in the movements of its protagonists, the lateral movements are not automatic. We can move it very precisely by clicking on one or the other side of the screen, receiving an exact answer to where you want to move it and being able to correct the position at any time, which will help you when avoiding obstacles or collecting coins.

The rule is not to fall into the void and collect as many rewards as you can. It has different scenarios that change where each one has its own rules and the ways to obtain the rewards, such as at night with a full moon or raining, which makes it a little more bearable to go to the next level and continue. having fun.

Once you finish each of the platforms the ground is over and you will have to jump into the void, you will have to control the fall to the sides to land on the next ones that appear on your descent. This is the most difficult, because you do not have as much control as when you are running and it is difficult to catch the point of this free fall, there are some wider ones in which it is easy to land and other small ones that will cost a lot to reach it, also we must add the difficulty that flying you will find rocks that hinder the flight and can make you confuse and think that it is one of the platforms. For landing well and at the right time you will also receive bonus points. When you go from one level to another you will also see rewards that you will accumulate, you can also change the character and choose the type of world.

As you go through levels in Sky Dancer, the difficulty will be greater and the pace will increase, which will make you have to dodge and jump faster each time, with little reaction time to fall down well and not die.

The game begins with an unlocked character, Tharbadis, an expert in martial arts and as you progress you will unlock others with collected coins, hidden objects or simply by paying. You will recognize the character objects because they are shiny, so you don't miss any. It also has daily objects that will reward us and help us to continue leveling up.

The missions are cumulative and do not have to be completed in a single race, beating as many as possible and your multiplier will continue to grow, the more you get, the higher your score will be and the easier it will be to overcome it.

Sky Dancer is a different endless running game, dare to play Sky Dancer and get to explore this dream planet by running.

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : TOPEBOX
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- Very nice jumping.

- The game has a good atmosphere.

- The graphics are nice.

- Its controls are very precise.
- Annoying ads.

- Looks uniform after a while.

- Platforms are not different from each other.

- It has few levels.
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Sky Dancer

Get last review 27.09.2020

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Sky Dancer one of the most downloaded running games on the Play Store

Sky Dancer one of the most downloaded running games on the Play Store


With a minimalist decor and a very easy gameplay, Sky Dancer has placed itself among the most downloaded endless running games. One of its advantages is that it combines in the same title the adrenaline of running, jumping into the void and an unparalleled setting, with very own designs that make up a dreamlike landscape

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