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In the early 1990s, the Japanese video game company SEGA introduced its official mascot to the world. Sonic the blue hedgehog would hit the market and become an icon and an emblem in itself. The blue hedgehog that can run at unrivaled speeds came to compete with Mario, another important pet in the electronic games universe. As the years went by, Sonic became a symbol. Video games were produced (which sold copies to millions of people), series of cartoons, books, comics, movies and all kinds of merchandising with the face of the friendly animal.

Many of us fans of the endearing SEGA creature from the beginning have wanted to play Sonic on mobile. Thanks to the collection that the traditional Japanese firm launched for mobile phones called Sega Forever (which also included titles such as Crazy Taxy, The Revenge of Shinobi, Comix Zone or Golden Ax) we will be able to download Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic on our terminals. You can play the traditional title on Android operating systems or those that use iOS. The Sega project allows you to download the games for free and offers in-app purchases to remove ads.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic is the most important title that the speedy creature had. It was the installment that catapulted him to fame in 1992 with millions of units sold and almost immediately becoming a classic in the video game universe.
One of the advantages of playing Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic on mobile is that the adapted version available in the download stores has a new graphic section. It is a complete edition with wide screen finishes, the traditional soundtrack completely improved and remastered and a 60 FPS action. Quite a show for those nostalgic who want to relive this exciting adventure.

The story is the same in which Sonic along with his friends Tails and Knuckles will have the mission to defeat Doctor Eggman. Eggman is the evil villain who seeks the Chaos Emeralds to wreak havoc on The West Island. The mechanics of the game are the same that will lead him to fame with the two-dimensional platform style in which we will have to overcome various levels with dangerous obstacles.

When the game was released in 1992 one of the novelties was the possibility of playing multiplayer Sonic by using the cute Tails vixen. In SEGA's new launch for Sonic The Hedgehog 2, we can not only play with the character but we can also fly with it.

The levels maintain the essence and also adds an unprecedented area within the palace. There are twelve maps to overcome with a wide variety of aspects in each of them. Furthermore, you can play online against other users in Time Attack Mode.
For those who want to experience different game modes in Sonic, the application enables various alternatives such as solo or cooperative mode. In summary we find the traditional story option, the time trial mode, the attack on the boss and the online to face other users.

Speed ​​and movement are and were the keys to Sonic. In fact, in this installment it was the first time that the whirlwind movement was used. The levels go through very quickly and in them we can find all kinds of objects. Bouncers serve to propel us in different directions; the rings are the most important since the more we collect from them the better, they are the ones that give us life to continue playing; the star posts function as checkpoints to reappear in them when we lose and the video monitors that are the ones that offer different items that will give us an advantage.

The world of Sonic returns with this mobile delivery with a free app that has no waste. The blue hedgehog classic is a great experience for both those who want to replay the traditional Sega installment and those who discover it for the first time. A fast, fun and friendly game that does not suffer the passage of time.

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Desarrollador : SEGA
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- Reissue of a classic.

- Good graphics.

- Remastered soundtrack.

- New movements in Tails.
- Advertisements.

- In-app purchases.

- It may be short.

- The story is not very powerful.
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