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Do you like Spiderman in the movie? Have you tried in-game? Acquire and enjoy everything this game offers you. Amazing high quality game. And most importantly, the game follows the original scpirt from the movie, which is so authentic. Probably the best Spiderman game you can play on your Playstation

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Desarrollador : Insomniac Games
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Spider-man is an action-adventure game with a defined third-person perspective in New York City. It is based on the popular superhero from the publisher Marvel Comics.

The spiderman's story begins when young Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider in high school, the spider bite led him to develop skills similar to those of the arachnid.

Thus, Pedro gained strength, speed and the ability to climb the walls, in addition to an extraordinary sense that warned him of the imminent danger. For the tragic death of his uncle Ben, Peter would begin his fight against evil as the Amazing Spiderman.

His endurance and superhuman physical forces also give him a very quick healing factor. During Hell, Spider-Man was seriously injured by a demonic manifestation and a few hours later the wounds were healed. He resisted doses capable of killing any other, being able to combat its effects in just a few moments.

When the vulva (James Natale) threw acid on the Spider-Man's face, the acid penetrated his mask directly, damaging his eyes, leaving him blind, but its healing factor allowed all the damage caused to be healed and his vision was completely recovered in just minutes. .

It is the first licensed video game developed by INSOMNIAC and its international launch occurred on September 7, 2018. The game received positive reviews from video game analysts, to the point of being considered one of the best superhero video games made so far.

The most praised aspects were its game, specifically its combat system and the displacement with the cobwebs, its graphic level, the history and the soundtrack.


Spiderman Powers

Communication: Most of us know excellently every virtue and disadvantage of our friendly neighbor Spiderman. He has the magnificent power to communicate with spiders, this ability, although it is not a big deal, in prehistoric jungle areas, can you imagine having 50 giant spiders in your favor and control?

Radiation: Humans as such have quite a number of vulnerabilities, one of the best known in the 1940s was the contact of radiation to our body, things that very few know about spydee is that it is completely resistant to it, since the spider that it bit him it was radioactive and in the end it led him to know all the powers that we already know.

Night Vision: Not only did it help you fight back in the dark, but also to better perceive your arachnid sensor in difficult times.

Extreme strength: we all know the great achievements and feats that our friendly spydee has achieved, and in moments we come not only to see the maximum of its capabilities at work, as in the movies that not only withdraw the movement of a train with the force of your legs and feet.

In analysis we know that Spiderman is very strong, more than people appreciate this quality, coming to think that he could even carry the Hulk himself with one hand, because if he proposes it and has the concentration of his skills on the outside, he could carry up to a hundred and ten times more than he weighs, for example on that occasion where he lifted 100 tons on his back, lifting the building as if nothing had happened.

Speed ​​is another of the not very common qualities to mention about Spiderman is the vast metabolism in matters of physical condition, he could never be very fat or very thin keeping his body in its best status according to its ideal complexion. Alcohol on the other hand as sedatives and some poisons are completely invalid towards your body. Peter would have to ingest a lot of this to produce something direct, we can also postpone diseases such as cancer or any type of virus since the speed of his cells would kill any of these.

Premonitions in the multiverse of marvel comics we know something called the cobwebs of life and destiny, all characters with arachnid abilities maintain their powers thanks to this network, who manages it is the master weaver, this line can be intervened by several beings such as Madame Web that could connect to this mesh to prevent the future of Peter Parker, however, on other occasions the same spiderman brought stability in his head as both power unleashed small levels of hallucinations but with the promise of seeing what is happening a little bit towards the future.

If you want to know a little more about our favorite spider, go ahead and Download Spiderman that you will surely enjoy!

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Insomniac Games
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- New entertainment.

- Smooth visual graphics.

- Has a good acting voice.

- Open world.
- It is necessary to buy the set.

- Uncomfortable camera moment for some.

- Lack of animations.

- Sequences of repetitive parts.

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