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Drive these vehicles at full speed all day
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Enjoy this motorcycle racing game that will simulate the true adrenaline of two-wheel driving on roads where high concentration on the road and skillful high-traffic driving are required.

Traffic Riders is developed by skgames and is a game for Androi or iOS compatible mobile devices, tablets and tefones. With a very detailed details program, you will be able to travel at different times of the day and different characteristics of the terrain. The view is nice, but for the sound that we mentioned it is very satisfactory. one can participate in competitions where the adrenaline is high and others prefer to ride to relieve tension. Each pilot has a suitable engine. You can choose from a variety of bikes based on your riding style. This is the perfect way to test your skills or, if you just want to know what the feeling is, what is the noise of the bike. You also have the option of several types of games to avoid boredom.

You can download Traffic Riders for free and enjoy one of the best racing games.

The game starts with a blue motorcycle that you get for free by clicking the following, you can choose the game mode: Career, Infinity, Test and Free Driving.

In professional career mode, we arrive at an island with a big city where there are several points that we must cross to fulfill missions and win prizes. Initially you are on a street in the middle of the city and the mission is to reach the goal on time. If your speed exceeds 100km / h, you will get higher score / more time when you beat other vehicles, cross all kinds of cars like in real city, after completing mission, the following is unlocked as infinity.

When you are about to go to the next level, you will have the opportunity to gain more power, maneuverability, brakes, depending on the accumulated money is what you can acquire and this tells you what you need to improve in order to go to the next level.

In the second level you discover a forest scene at night while traveling on the highway earning money and points for the next level.

Then in the next level, with the money you get from previous races, you can buy a new motorcycle, there are different colors, types and prices.

At level four, you end up in a seaside town with a dark and stormy sky. You will pass through tunnels, dimly lit neighborhoods, and heavy traffic on your way.

If you want to know how to get some money faster you can choose the game mode for example Infinite, then you can choose the scenario you like the most, remember that the more cars you dodge the more score you make. When you are already in the right lane try to do the km, try to do 25k or more until you can

Basically we know that people fight because they need money and that racing is sometimes really difficult because you don't have enough money to upgrade your bike or buy a new one.

So what you can do about it is get into the Time Trial and what you will do is drive next to the cars and get your game points and the more you have the more money you will get so try to drive as many cars as possible you want . Go to them, you can crash so many times, just make sure you have spent your time wisely.

Also remember that when you fail your seconds go down, so if you press the reset button this won't save you money. But if you click Start this will save what you achieve in this entire mission. Every game you get you will get a thousand bucks and you really don't need a space bike and get the same amount as any bike or scooter. Whatever level you are on is pretty easy, just do it and earn some money.

So for the quick buck, try driving fast, say 190km / h, this is not the most effective way, but it is a good way to start earning money. When you have enough, let's say more than a few thousand thousand, then you can go and buy a new bike. Try it first to see how fast it works and then try to repeat this process of earning a little more. test driving money. The idea is to upgrade your new bike with this new money that will cost you a few thousand more.

It will be almost the same amount of money that you get with the new bike, so if you have a bike you can get the same amount of money as the next bike, unless it is as if you were the first scooter compared to the last bike, then you will definitely see the difference.

Animate and download Traffic riders! You have guaranteed fun!

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Soner Kara
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- First person view option

- Very real simulation

- Large number of missions

- Various languages available
- In-app purchases

- May be complex at high levels

- Personalization options may be better

- May have more clues
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Traffic Rider

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How to get more points in Traffic Rider

How to get more points in Traffic Rider


This motorcycle racing game has been one of the most popular, reaching one of the most downloaded and with a rating of 4.5 stars. Its mechanics are simple, basically it is to stay on top of the motorcycle while you go through different scenarios and dodge obstacles on the way, but with skill and a series of tricks you can dominate the road

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