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TrueMoney Wallet is the most widely used electronic wallet, it allows you to buy safely from any type of device. You can include all your cards and you will not need to carry any money with you, with this application you will have everything you need.

Created in 2003 by True Corporation, reorganized in 2014 as AScend Group. This application is downloaded the most in Southeast Asia, mainly in Thailand, being one of the country's flagship services. You will find this app for free download and it is available for Android and iOS.

It is the favorite option of tourists on their trips, little by little TrueMoney Wallet is installed in more countries in the world but at the moment you only find it available in few languages, you can configure it in its English version.

TrueMoney Wallet also has the Bill Pay service at the same time and mobile recharges, allows purchases in physical and online stores and easily recharge your wallet at any time without having to go to your bank.

As part of its user community, you will have access every day to all their special promotions, with countless benefits in True ID, TrueUs, TruePoint, etc.

Thousands of stores collaborate with TrueMoney Wallet, among them we find major brands such as McDonald 's, 7-Eleven, etc., where you will find plenty of daily offers to consume in them. By buying from these sites you will accumulate TruePoint in your profile and you will get many other prizes.

One of its most interesting options is to link it with your Google Play Store or App Store account and acquire the games, books, music and applications you want, and voila! In addition, you will have at your fingertips all the extra gadgets of these, get tickets to events, subscribe to a paid service or dine in a restaurant without using your credit card.

With the debit card offered by TrueMoney Wallet, called WeCard, you can control the money you spend and keep your money movements updated. It is a virtual MasterCard that they will accept in those places that allow it. You can control this card from the app itself and request it personalized with your data.

With TrueMoney Wallet you can manage more than 70 invoices, without charges, pay your bills easily and without complications. Transfer money to your virtual wallet and forget about all expenses, without paperwork. It is compatible with all major banks and is as easy as scanning them and hitting the Pay Bill button. You will have to enter a security code that will reach your phone in the form of SMS and confirm in the app.

If you are running out of data, from TrueMoney Wallet they give you the possibility to recharge and have them automatically on your phone and continue using them to browse the Internet. You can also transfer another account, whether from the same or a different bank.

TrueMoney Wallet assures its users total confidence when making their purchases, encrypting all information and providing the greatest protection in its use. Using the application you will have several options to pay for your purchases: from the TrueMoney Wallet itself, linking a credit card or buying offline.

TrueMoney Wallet's security system uses state-of-the-art technology to provide its users with the best protection. It uses a monitoring system to know in real time where the card is at all times. Its objective is to guarantee that all your money and your data are safe from any hacker attack, so you will be calm and you will only have to worry about buying. The company collects the data of its customers to verify their identity and protect their privacy, each purchase uses a two-factor authentication system.

To have TrueMoney Wallet is as simple as downloading the application on your mobile, creating an account and start enjoying its advantages. With a very clean interface, you find the essential buttons to help the user manage their money without complications. It has its main utilities in its central page in a fixed way, so that at all times you can access the rest without having any problem.

TrueMoney Wallet has a 24-hour customer service to help its users with any questions that may arise. With a phone number that they provide you or using the chat that the application itself incorporates.

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- You will find all your money in one application

- Ease when buying

- Mobile recharges are automatic

- Great daily discounts on brands
- Internet connection is necessary

- It is translated into few languages

- It is not accepted on all sites

- Data collection may be excessive
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TrueMoney Wallet

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Latest NEWS

TrueMoney Wallet signs an important agreement

TrueMoney Wallet signs an important agreement


The electronic wallet TrueMoney Wallet popular in Asia will have more possibilities of payment thanks to the agreement reached with the Thunes network. People will have authorization to make transfers in more than 100 countries. The agreement is important since the application created in 2003 has a registry of more than fifty million users

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