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Updated 11.07.2020

AdBlock is an excellent application that absorbs all the ads from the browser and YouTube, so we don't bother to use them and watch movies. The application can be used in browsers like Chrome and Fire Fox. It can also be used on mobile devices like IOS and Android. Take steps to clear your browsing history and block annoying ads
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AdBlock is a browser extension for content filtering and ad blocking for Google Chrome, Apple Safari (landline and mobile), Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge. AdBlock allows users to avoid displaying page elements, such as ads. It can be downloaded and used for free, and includes optional donations for programmers. The AdBlock extension was created on December 8, 2009, the day to add support for extensions to Google Chrome.

AdBlock's efforts are unrelated to Adblock Plus. AdBlock creator Michael Gundlach claims he was inspired by the Adblock Plus extension for Firefox, which in turn is based on the original Adblock, which stopped working in 2004.

On March 12, 2016, in support of World Day Against Cyber-Censorship, in cooperation with Amnesty International, instead of blocking ads, AdBlock replaced the ads with banners linked to articles on the Amnesty website, written by prominent supporters of freedom of expression like Edward Snowden. Government-imposed awareness of online censorship and privacy issues worldwide.

Gundlach started a crowdfunding campaign at Crowdtilt in August 2013. To fund an ad campaign to raise awareness about ad blocking and billboard rental in Times Square. After a month-long campaign, he raised $ 55,000. April 1, 2012. The developer has modified the code to display LOLcats instead of just blocking ads. Originally developed as a short April Fool prank, the response was so positive that CatBlock was still being offered as an optional add-on backed by the monthly subscription. On October 23, 2014, the developer decided to end official support for CatBlock and made it open source under the GPLv3 license as the original extension.

AdBlock is the best application to block ads in web browsers and on the YouTube platform, thanks to which no ads interfere with users while using the Internet.


If you want to Download Adblock and install your desktop through Google Chrome browser to help you focus more on your information and avoid annoying ads while browsing. But first of all, look for the little squares (the apps) on the left side of your Chrome browser. Then go to the web store and filter the Adblock name in the search form. When you scroll the results, check the Adblock with the most downloaded downloads (you will find more products from the Adblock family, such as Adblock for YouTube and Adblock Plus). Then you can click the "Add to Chrome" button. This action will initiate a process that will take you to the next loading page with the loading in the center of the screen. The result will be shown in the navigation bar of your browser as an icon.

You can turn on the application and enjoy this useful application that will protect your privacy and block spam. The benefits of using this application can help parents protect their children from unintentional content. Adblock will be in the middle of your favorite browser and the web address you want to verify. It is not necessary to load all the content and, for some reason, Adblock will verify the source of the web pages. For example, this can be in vast forms like images or video footage that can be so unpleasant. By checking this in Adblock, items matching the specified filter list will not be displayed. Obvious benefits include faster page loading, nasty features (like when your course is not controlled by you).

Adblock also supports actions like skipping full page pop-ups or stopping streaming audio that you can't see on your page, like animation and even more. While we normally have big data plans on our desktops that include a good amount of traffic; in our mobile devices we generally have some limits in this case Adblock can also save some data (especially added video).

It does'nt sound good? This application can be used not only on your personal devices but also on your work machine. Let's say you want to keep your work machine clean because you have to share it with other people, just think about it.

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- AdBlock provides a better online experience.

- AdBlock solves problems related to malware.

- Blocking ads makes it impossible to get false advertising tactics.

- You can customize your filters.
- AdBlock risks the privacy of browsing data.

- Blocking ads causes websites to break.

- Blocked ads prevent the use of high quality content.

- Sometimes you can miss something interesting.

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