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Updated 11.07.2020

Dead by Daylight - a game of horror genre allows us to move to the 'horror world' and see how we would react on the spot of a person being hunted by a serial killer
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Developer : Behaviour Interactive
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Dead by Daylight gameplay is asymmetric, i.e. one player is playing against usually four other players. This group of five players is a maximum of 4 fugitives and one killer. The task of escapees is to get out of the closed game map, and the task of the killer is to prevent this. Players wanting to escape have the task of repairing and activating the appropriate number of power generators, allowing the door to open and escape from the map area. The task of the killer is to kill the other players (escapees).

Players on both sides have the opportunity to choose the character they want to target in the game. Runners have 11 characters at their disposal, each with different abilities to use during the game. The killer also has options to choose from 13 characters (including Michael Myers), each of which has different killing abilities and techniques. By guiding the murderer, we observe the action from a first-person perspective. However, the players playing his victims receive a view from the TPP camera, which allows them to better orient themselves in the surroundings and allows, for example, to see what is around the corner without having to reveal their position. In order to survive, potential victims are forced to cooperate with each other, but this does not mean that they should always bear in mind the fate of their comrades. In each game there are numerous opportunities to betray allies, because ultimately the priority is to survive our character, even at the expense of other people's deaths.

Created by studio Behavior Interactive (Naughty Bear ...) Dead by Daylight very neatly uses all the clichés of this funny genre. Only not with tongue in cheek, like in Until Dawn (only now I noticed the similarity in the titles). Because you do not experience any kind of formula here. DbD remains faithful to the camp's tradition. It allows, however, to experience it in a different way. Fresh and with a huge dose of immersion. In a word - check yourself in all these situations, which we have a lot of fun during the session. And to think for yourself this classic "we should separate".

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Price: Free
Category : Games
Developer : Behaviour Interactive
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About ..

Dead by Daylight is divided into two "factions" - Survivors and Assassins, the first is to escape from the latter and catch the first ones before they escape.

Dead by Daylight is a horror game created and developed by Behavior Digital Inc. and released by Starbreeze Studios. This is a multiplayer action / survival game. One of the players takes on an unstoppable killer hunting for four survivors who try to escape and survive.

The game was released on 14 June 2016.

As a survivor, play alone or with the team, trying to avoid an unknown threat. Use the acquired items, unlock skills and use elements of the environment to escape the killer who will not be willing to let you.

You never know what to expect, what you are facing or how to get out. You will be forced to make choices without thinking, and each of them may depend on your survival.

You will find every type of killer, from a brutal sadist to a terrifying, paranormal being. Become a master in using the unique powers of each of them and use them to follow, hunt, kill and sacrifice your victims before they can escape.

The map, circumstances and unique thinking of each person make every game in Dead by Daylight a unique, unpredictable scenario that each player creates.

Each character in Dead by Daylight has its own skills that you need to unlock and that can be adapted to your own style of play. Use your experience, skills and equipment to get to the top of the rankings, and maybe you will discover the truth behind the fog.

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

Tips for a runaway

-It is common to see if there is anyone around when repairing the engines,
-Allow individual items to knock down the killer and gain a few precious seconds
Tips for the killer:
-After catching a player, wait a few seconds until he dies otherwise he can be freed by the fleeing,
-Try not to focus on pursuing one player to be able to attack another as much as possible

-The ability to feel like a killer or a runaway,
-He senses our senses and increases focus
- The game can get bored after many hours of play,
- A repeating pattern

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