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Updated 11.07.2020

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Developer : Wirtualna Polska Media S.A
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Open FM (formerly called Gadu Radio) is a Polish internet radio platform, available on the website and in the Internet Communicator – Gadu-Gadu. The radio platform began broadcasting on March 8, 2006 year. The platform is owned by VM Polska. Open FM has over 120 music channels.

According to a study by Gemius Stream in November 2009, the platform listened to 2 256 138 people. At the outset it must be pointed out that the use of Open FM is completely free, since the time of integration with GG nothing has changed. We will get to the radio via the website or the application-there are versions for Android, iOS and Windows.

Why download the app?

-> With advanced streaming technology, the Open FM application does not require a high-speed Internet connection or large data packets
-> Time of listening uses only a few megabytes of data
-> Free Application
-> Great music available 24/7
-> New music stations and categories
-> Add stations to Favorites
-> Listen Open the Open FM app via Bluetooth
-> Editorial team personally cares for each music station
-> Recommended category of music stations recommended by editors
-> Open FM is also an internet radio station available on your computer.

A brief history of the application:

From 8 March 2006, the selected group of users had access to the service. At the beginning there were three thematic channels – in Polish, party and Classic. From 5 June 2006, the stations (in addition – House and taste 80 years) were for all Internet users available on the website and the test version of Gadu-Gadu 7.5.
On 10-11 November 2007, the station "Starter" was broadcast for the first time in a live music event, Mayday 2007. The signal was broadcast from Katowice Saucka. The broadcast was conducted and commented by the channel presenters.
On December 5, 2007, the manufacturer provided the ability to create their own radio stations based on the platform. As part of this, each interested company creates a channel music program freely and receives its radio website.

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Price: Free
Category : Application
Developer : Wirtualna Polska Media S.A
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About ..

Open FM in the year 2009 was the largest music service in Poland. At the disposal of listeners gave more than 100 different stations with almost 2.000 hours-a non-interruptible talk-music daily. With advanced streaming technology, the Open FM application does not require a wide Internet connection or large packets. For an hour of listening, it consumes up to a dozen MB of data.  

Virtual Polish Media S. A Group statement:

"We want to provide Internet users with not only attractive content, but also useful services tailored to their needs and entering their daily habits. The consolidation of the online radio market and the creation of a new leader in this forward-looking area is therefore the natural direction of our development, "emphated in the press release Jacek Świderski, chairman of the management group of Wirtualna Polska Media S.A.  The owner clearly increased the revenues of Open FM By better filling the available advertising space, mainly in the form of video prerolls, sound spots and banners. The application (then only the website) for a long period of time remained on the podium in the Polish media, so far earned the application in the Play Store and in the App Store. Many hours of non-interruptible music contributed to the success of the radio, which in the years 2006-2011 achieved cosmic results and possused the title of the largest music platform in Poland. Despite the passage of years, the radio still achieves good results and attracts many listeners to its website and to the application.

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

-Save your favourite stations,
-Try to use high-quality equipment

-A lot of radio stations selection,
-Good selection of tracks
-No low music tones,
-The quality of music is at a low level

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