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Updated 11.07.2020

The term sandbox refers to games that allow the freedom to explore a world that feels limitless in its options and promotes uninterrupted exploration. Another term that tends to fly is the Open World, in which the player assumes the role of a character and has access to virtually anywhere on the map without very little loading time
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The term "MMO sandbox" is defined as a virtual world or society within a game, which has no direct impact on real life. There are many social opportunities for players within a community-like environment, usually in the form of organizations such as guilds, cities, or clans. Players in sandbox MMOs can join those groups, or perhaps none at all, choosing the character type of being a mysterious stranger.

Sandbox MMOs offers freedom of choice. Characters explore the game on their own terms and, for the most part, enjoy open objectives that allow them to explore all that sandbox MMO can offer at their own pace. Whether you're a low-level trader or a high-ranking fighter, a people-friendly politician or an enthusiastic explorer, all the characters fit into a social niche within the community. Encouraging players to live and work together in a sandbox MMO provides goals that involve interacting with the community.

Characters that thrive within a sandbox MMO are the creators of players who take the time to develop them. . Or it could be that the character escaped from his home to escape some negative aspect of childhood that he is not ready to face. For players who thrive on everyday drama, a sandbox MMO certainly helps meet that need.

For a sandbox MMO to survive among the wide range of MMORPGs available, it is useful to have a lot of areas to explore that are very diverse. Characters that reach the limits of a sandbox MMO usually don't stop there, and many become volunteer builders who use their imagination to help expand and develop the game for the benefit of their peers.

Combat within an MMO sandbox is often player versus player, or PvP. Each of the five Iron Realms games allows players to engage their characters in hand-to-hand and group combat.

Activities such as facing another person or participating in a full raid in a city or other organization are not uncommon. Without the team aspect of a sandbox MMO, it becomes a great single player game that nullifies the purpose of its existence.

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Price: Free
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Developer : Alexey Grigorkin
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