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Updated 11.07.2020

Spotify is a digital streaming service that gives instant access to millions of songs, podcasts, videos and other content from artists around the world. The basic functions are free, such as playing music, but you can also upgrade to Spotify Premium
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Spotify is a streaming audio service that allows users to listen to music, create playlists, use third-party selections, listen to podcasts, watch videos, discover new styles and artists, all with free subscription plans. Available on computers and mobile phones with iOS and Android, the service has more than 83 million subscribers and a monthly average of 100 million users across all platforms. Next, you'll better understand what Spotify is and how it works.

Launched in 2008 and available today in 65 countries, it is the dominant streaming market when it comes to music. According to official data, the collection adds more than 35 million songs, organized in a variety of ways in more than 2 billion playlists created by users over the years.

Spotify is a service that allows you to stream audio over the internet. In summary, it's a way to enjoy music without having to download and upload files with you, taking up space on your device. The downside of this approach is the reliance on internet connectivity for the service to work (subscribers can download to listen without the need for the internet, but in any case, the connection will be needed to get the file).

Spotify can be used for free: you simply associate your Facebook account with the service, or create a new account with a valid email. In the free template, you can use playlists, discover content and listen to the songs available on the platform.

The big difference for paid mode, called Spotify Premium, is the absence of advertising. Free Spotify users need to live with ads played between songs, while premium subscribers do not hear advertisements.

Another more subtle difference between the two forms of access is the way in which the free Spotify allows the user to interact with the songs. In the free mode, the platform ends up restricting the means by which the user can consume the service: only by means of pre-defined playlists or shuffle activated, without being able to skip several tracks in sequence. There are also location restrictions - some content types are not accessible for free plans in some countries.

Spotify pays royalties to artists who give away their music to the service's collection. The account that establishes how much money each musician will receive may vary based on a number of factors, but in general, the calculation starts from the amount of times the content is heard by a user. Mathematics also considers the total number of songs heard within a given period. However, copyright issues and other factors may end up affecting directly how much each receives.

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Price: Free
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Developer : Spotify
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-In the application you have the option Spotify Radio, which allows the software to detect which song you like. With it, you can find similar songs that you might like.
-You have the possibility to listen to all the music you want, without limit. In the premium or payment plan, you can do it offline and, in free mode, it must be connected to the web.
-If you have the Premium plan or payment plan, you have the option Spotify Connect. With this alternative, you can listen to all music without internet connection, high quality streaming and no advertising.
- Spotify works on many platforms, such as computers, phones or tablets, and on any operating system.
- It is very simple the searches of artists or the assembly of lists are actions that you can do without any problem.
-Has an inexhaustible music catalog already has 20 million songs. This means that you have everything and also the system is simple for you to find it.
-No está disponible en todos los países porque depende de acuerdos con las compañías discográficas y con la residencia actual.
-El plan gratuito presenta publicidad en exceso, suele ser entre cada canción como cualquier radio comercial.
-En la versión gratuita no tiene opción de vpn streaming de alta calidad si no pagas no puedes escuchar música de alta definición.
-Si no pagas tampoco podrás escoger canciones en tu smartphone, solo funcionan las listas en modo aleatorio.
-Spotify consume una gran cantidad de datos de formas mensual y muchos en segundo plano, por eso es recomendable utilizar un Proveedor de canadian vpn

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