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Updated 03.08.2020

Puzzle game based on the movie about angry birds. There is a new Silver character and new spells. The game has many levels and you will meet the bosses
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Angry Birds 2 is a video game sequel to a series of war birds games. It was developed by Rivio Entertaiment and is a sequel to the Angry Birds game. The game is free and you can pay to get paid add-ons if you want. If you have seen movies or played any of the above bird games, you know that their enemy is green piglets who like to bite their eggs. Your little birds are great slingshot masters and you will shoot slingshots with your slingshot as you try to kill all the green pigs.
You must shoot them or the structures themselves, trying to destroy them.

Angry Birds 2 at the heart of the game is based on classic slingshot action, something we're all familiar with, but updated with several great levels, significantly improved graphic effects, challenges, and boss battles.

One of the best things about Angry Birds 2 is that this is the most engaging game so far in this series and the colored characters have been removed from the screen. The new sense of place background and improved depth of field and quirky snippets of history are intertwined in the flow of the game. This new version has not been combined with the old ones and is actually quite remarkable.

Angry Birds 2 also introduces several new features, like levels, and is divided into two parts.
If you cast a birdsong on the first frame, you will have enough firepower to reduce the second offset.
This is the new ability to choose which bird to cast instead of: sing in a set order that your boss often lives in rather than action, and the aforementioned spells offer a tantalizing way out, if it really gets level, there's a new bird - Silver, although it will take some time before it can be launched, so despite these concepts, the idea of ​​the game hasn't changed your drive for shoppers to knock down structures and take out pigs. You steal them from explosive boxes that you still use Yellowbird forward and
Blue glass and ice birds, and if you cut back on new microtransaction resources and a sleek look, it's still a ton of Angry birds game.

The arena can be unlocked after reaching level 5. The arena concept is similar to Angry Birds Friends. Players around the world are randomly divided into batches of 15 and characteristics are given to a particular bird according to each player's highest score on an infinite level in the same arena event that changes every day.

Based on what you'll see so far, we can definitely announce that Angry Birds 2 is a good game. Revio's wonderful physics is that it never gets the respect it deserves, and some clever tweaks, like the ability to move forward with each shot rather than sit back and wait for every little piece of wood to stop traveling, to keep playing. . move well, this is legitimately fun mobile game.


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Price: Free
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About ..

-Has great views

-Has new magic and bird skills.

-You can choose your strategy in the game
-You must wait a little if you die

-When you pass my level it would be a bit boring

-It is not much different from the previous ones

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