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Updated 03.08.2020

Create your exclusive character with Bitmoji. Fully customizable, the Snapchat application allows you to have, for free and very easily, your own unique and unmistakable sticker with which to communicate in a fun and more personal way in your different applications and social networks
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Bitmoji is an application that allows you to create personalized Emoji of yourself and that you can use to show a unique appearance in your conversations. Developed by Bitstrips in 2007, it was originally dedicated to creating digital comics using custom avatars. Seeing the repercussion that these characters were gaining, in 2016 the app was acquired by Snapchat.

With the purchase of Snapchat, both have been enriched, increasing the level of quality in communication and growing interest from users. Bitmoji already accepted being able to enter from the messaging application without having to create a profile.

Visual content is one of the most important elements today with the use of social networks and digital platforms, having the possibility of being able to relate to others using your own sticker has revolutionized the landscape. The app can be used by both adults and children and allows you to fully customize the dolls with a level of detail that you cannot imagine. It is apparently simple, it can give us a lot of happiness and make our day better.

At first, very few used it, but little by little it has been gaining ground and at the moment they are in the top of the most downloaded apps, this serves as an indicator of the level of interest it has in the public.

Bitmoji allows us to create any Emoji from which the appearance can be assimilated. Although it is owned by Snapchat, you can use your dolls in many others, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Instagram.

It is essential for people who want to stand out among others, offering the user to create their own personalized tag, which they will be able to use when creating successive fragments. With a very intuitive appearance, which makes the creation of your simile very simple and does not take long.

You do not need Snapchat to use it, it is totally independent that you can download from Google Play or the App Store. If you have it on your phone, it is a good idea to link both accounts so that you can get the most out of the application and you will have access to Friendmoji, which are Emojis that you can create with a friend. Bitmoji looks like a cartoon character, which we put in our environment. This is nothing more than the use of augmented reality. When our avatar is placed on the screen of a smartphone, you can interact with various daily activities, such as dancing, singing, running and much more!

To start enjoying your personalized emoji is as easy as downloading Bitmoji to your phone and start creating it. The first thing you will have to do is choose the skin tone you want your doll to have, the hair color, the hairstyle, the nose, the shape and color of your eyes, etc., in short, all the facial features that must have. It offers endless customization possibilities, so you can find the one that best suits you. Even if you think it is already finished, if at any time you want to change it, you can go back and change its entire appearance, renewing its image.

Once you have created yourself, it is time to customize the rest of the elements that will accompany your emoji, there are plenty of options to choose from so that your sticker is as personal and unique as possible. The options range from clothing to the posture you want it to be, through the expressions and situations you want them to live. Once you have chosen everything and you think you are ready to see the outside world, simply choose one and copy it to the application you want.

The objective would be to create a whole keyboard of personalized stickers with which you can communicate quickly in the conversations you have, since Bitmoji there is an option to have this option in your settings.

Bitmoji is completely free, although there are a number of clothing packages that have a small cost. These are typically special clothing and accessories that honor celebrities, historical moments, or special holidays.

Download and join Bitmoji users And discover the sea of ​​possibilities offered by custom emoticons!

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : Bitstrips
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About ..

- Lets you create any Bijtmoji in the most personal way.

- Fun when creating Bitmoji.

- Various options to edit your Bitmoji.

- Can be used in other applications.
- Few clothes in which we can dress our avatar.

- Some styles and stickers that have to be paid.

- There is a lot of advertising that appears at any time.

- Bitmoji keyboard can cause problems when used.

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