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Updated 03.08.2020

ES File Explorer will help the user to manage files and apps, one of the most complex tasks presented by Android operating systems. Furthermore, the application allows working with external memories, cloud storage systems and computers. It presents a simple, intuitive interface with options for beginners or users with advanced knowledge
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Today we have a large number of files within mobile devices. Photos, videos, text documents, applications or music can be scattered throughout the system and create chaos if the objective is to keep the system clean and orderly.
Although Android does not present an official tool to perform the file management task, there is the possibility of making ES File Explorer. The app was born in 2016 and is a powerful organizer and manager of all kinds of elements within Android operating systems.

ES File Explorer is free to download and will help keep your phone or tablet as tidy as possible. It is available in more than 20 different languages ​​and in addition to allowing management on the installed device, it has access to cloud storage programs such as, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or SugarSync.
The tool developed by GreenSoft Infotech offers a wide variety of functions for manipulating files within operating systems. The user can cut, copy, paste, move, create, hide, delete or rename any object as if it were a computer. There is also the possibility of creating shortcuts for the chosen element and assigning it one of the more than 300 icons that the application brings, among which are the most fun, colorful and fashionable images of the moment.

The files that are inside the device will have the possibility of being shared through Bluetooth and it is also possible to exchange material with computers. This can be achieved thanks to the fact that the tool includes an FTP (File Transfer Protocol). In this way, the Android operating system where the app is installed can be accessed from a computer. Memory cards such as SD cards or terminals that are connected via USB are also supported.

If the user is the type of person who accumulates a large number of files that then occupy memory, with ES File Explorer you will have a great assistant. The program performs an exhaustive analysis of each element and prepares a report in which the heaviest or least used files are presented. The function enables a quick identification of the same to eliminate them and make space in the memory.
Application management is another of the great challenges within devices that use the Android operating system. From games to photo editors or tools to work, the devices are filled with all kinds of apps that are sometimes not used and are an obstacle to the effective performance of the mobile phone or tablet. With Es File Explorer it is possible to identify the deprecated applications and eliminate them. It also contains an advanced system to manage these programs that allows them to be categorized, uninstalled, backed up, or created with custom icon shortcuts.

One of the features that all the best featured free apps have to have is an easy, intuitive and accessible interface for everyone.. ES File Explorer brings a simple proposal to use for beginners and full of options for more advanced users. Both applications and files are displayed in convenient lists that can be modified. You can navigate multiple tabs at the same time and make bookmarks. It is also possible to apply different colorful and cute themes. All these advantages allow fast access to files and applications within the terminal.

Download ES File Explorer is very simple. Once the program is downloaded, you choose which memory to access and from there you can manage the files or apps by simply pressing and keeping your finger on the file that you want to cut, copy, move or delete.
The GreenSoft Infotech program is an outstanding assistant for anyone who uses an Android operating system. Keeping the devices clean and tidy is a fundamental task to obtain the best performance from the device. Es File Explorer's friendly interface makes a task that is cumbersome and boring for the vast majority of users accessible. The possibility of managing files both on computers, mobiles or cloud storage platforms gives complete control of the different terminals that users sometimes have a hard time ordering.


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Price: Free
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Developer : ES Global
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About ..

- Allows you to rename files.

- It has a powerful clipboard that allows users to paste files and folders multiple times.

- Provides users with an option to search files on their devices by keyword or category.

- Allow users to change the display and sort order of files and folders.
- Works only on Android devices

- Ad presence

- Can run in the background

- Had some security issues

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