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Updated 11.07.2020

Metro Exodus is a first person shooter game developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver. The story is set in the post-apocalyptic terrain of the former Russian Federation. The largely autonomous story of Metro Exodus follows the plot of main protagonist Artyom, his wife Anna and a crew of surviving Spartan rangers as they left Moscow devastated by nuclear war
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Metro Exodus is a third game in the Metro series that is like a survival horror type first person shooter. Beginning two years after the events of Metro Last Light, the largely autonomous story of Metro Exodus follows the storyline of main protagonist Artyom, his wife Anna, and the crew of surviving Spartan rangers as they left Moscow devastated by nuclear war in Search for a safe port on board the Aurora train.

Take you from expanses of urban decay covered in snow to sand-swept deserts and lush forests. Each populated by a healthy variety of deadly mutants and pockets of humanity, both friendly and hostile. Metro Exodus is like a great campfire and scary story at the same time and the balance is perfect. It gives you a couple of mini sandbox worlds throughout the game, four for you to read carefully, and luckily the game keeps focus on the thighs as it's still much more of a linear story-based game.

The audiovisual experience is legitimate here, the game looks quite dark. The game looks great in the light and especially in the dark. The buildings and interiors are designed in such a way that they often feel remarkably natural. There is enough variety in placement and decoration for you to constantly discover something new. The generational leap in lighting effects and high quality ambient audio. They feel more sinister and claustrophobic than ever.

Metro Exodus eliminates the basic ammunition currency system, and its predecessors' arms dealers prefer workbenches and a backpack that can be used to make certain items on the go. Each type of mutant requires a unique strategy to defeat, which means that combat strategy is rarely involved in replay.

Mutants may require a different weapon or tactic to fall, as not all mortals fall for a few villains. For example, hidden spiders in tunnels can be killed by their torch or flashlight. Saving your ammo and thinking more tactically will bring you many benefits in the game.

This game takes the formula from the series that induces fear and transplants it to expansive levels, similar to the sandbox, without losing any of the oppressive tension that makes the franchise memorable and distinctive among first-person shooter games. post apocalyptic.

It is a frequently exhilarating and densely atmospheric journey through a Russian dystopia full of detail and mortal inhabitants. And well worth the trip for its consistently effective use of survival horror and spooky action.

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About ..

- Very nice story

- Graphically pleasing environment

- very real history and atmosphere
- The game felt short

- Missable armor upgrades

- small errors can still be found

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