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Updated 03.08.2020

Steam, the best digital distribution platform to buy and play video games for free. Developed by Valve, it has more than 12,000 games in its catalog and more than 30 million players worldwide. It also has other free services that differentiate it from the rest
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Steam is the definitive digital distribution platform for video game lovers. Created in 2003 by Valve, it already has more than 12,000 games in its catalog that you can buy from the Steam Store, joining your personal profile. It is unrivaled, with more than 33 million players a day and 70 million active users, it is the leader.

It offers digital rights management, a multiplayer system and social services. It provides the user with automatic installation and updating, in addition to social functions such as lists and groups of friends, saving in the cloud, as well as voice and in-game chat functions. The platform also offers a small selection of content in addition to video games, such as design software, anime, and movies.

The software provides a freely available application programming interface called Steamworks, which developers can use to integrate many of Steam's features with their products, including networking, matchmaking, gaming conquests, microtransactions, and user-generated content support to via Steam workshop. Initially, they were developed for use in Microsoft Windows operating systems, but later included versions for MacOS and Linux. The mobile apps with combined functionality and core software were subsequently released for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone in 2010.

In a few years, many platforms for gamers have been launched, including the community market and Steam Greenlight for developers.

Starting to play on Steam is very easy, the first thing you have to do is access its official website and download Steam depending on the platform where you want to use it. Once the file is on your computer, install the program by following the steps on the screen. Once installed you have to register, if you already have a previous account it is easy, you just have to enter the data, if it is not the case, you have to register from scratch. This step is essential, provide personal data, email, etc. This will give us full access to Steam. Once inside, we already have free admission to see their entire catalog, start buying digital games, download, install and have fun. The download is very fast, in a few minutes you will have it available depending on the bandwidth you have.

Steam offers other free services, apart from video games, that make it very different from other platforms. These depend on the characteristics of each game.

The titles you download will remain linked to your account, so even if you uninstall it, you won't lose it, you can re-download it as many times as you want, you can even take it to any other device by entering your account. One of its advantages is that you can save your games in the cloud, which will make you not have to worry about them.

All the games you have on Steam are free, without paid subscription. The exception is some MMO games, but the payment would be for the publisher of the game, not for Steam or Valve.

The video games you download have constant updates and it is Steam itself that ensures that they are updated to the latest available version.

There is also the Steam Workshop directory, where players can share mods from their favorite games. More and more are allowing it, using it as a base, turning its gameplay into a totally different one, modifying the participant's experience.

Steam provides an optional security service in its mobile application. It guarantees that the purchases made always have to be verified by the user and prevent theft from occurring. It also has a system that detects cheats and thus assures players that the games are as clean as possible. Discovering a hoax involves the offender banning.

But not everything is playing on Steam, you can give games to friends, talk about topics on their forum or get all the stickers that some games include. It also includes a mentoring program, which you can follow and they suggest recommended titles and why. In addition to the opinion of these experts, Steam itself has its system of personalized recommendations for each of its players, something that has been refined over time.

Free download Steam, the program is available on platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, SteamOS, PlayStation 3 (partially), Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile.

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : Valve Corporation
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About ..

- Most of their games are free

- It's easy to use

- Free installation

- Save games in the cloud, not only locally
- There are a number of selected games that must be paid

- In order to play you must have an account

- It is very focused on multiplayer games and not so much on those that develop a story

- Premiere games are expensive

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