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Updated 03.08.2020

This is an application of the Chinese Political Party that seeks to describe the vision of the future development of the Chinese country in its social life
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STUDYING THE GREAT NATION in Chinese (Xuexi Qiangguo) is an application that has been successful in China lately, it is something suitable for those who want to learn more about the ruling Communist Party in China. The main content is the study of Xi Jinping thought. Xi Jinping is China's chief secretary and biggest politician, hence the fact that the app beats even Tiktok Wechat according to Apple statistics.

Named after Xi Jinping, who has compiled material from his various writings and touched on the ideology, morals, and values ​​of the modern communist party in the country. It was first discussed in the People's Republic during the XIX Congress of the Communist Party of China. In it, the country's president and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces (Xi Jinping) urges the people to make China a great nation.
It also presents a new vision and a guide to the political doctrine of the party in the modern world.

The app is designed by the Alibaba Group and is freely downloadable, allowing people to understand the idea of ​​a leader trying to push China through a new era and through this new socialist vision. The Governance of China "book series, which has been translated into different languages ​​for the international public that is very interested in the structure of the Chinese political system. The overwhelming response of the Chinese state even before the creation of research institutes in some Universities, different schools were also involved. Even employers urge their workers to study this job.

In this app, you can earn points based on how well the app is doing, and you can test what you've learned from the lessons inside. Since Xi Jinping's incorporation into the Chinese people's Constitution was approved after the vote. This plays the role of a political window and concept for social and military life in China, trying to reach people through digital technology. With this app, the Chinese communist is trying to incite his nation and even has a very clear program of how to verify a nation's loyalty during the country's booming prosperity.

In the application you will also find TV series "Xi TIME" where it suggests different feelings and anchor points that will lead to the construction of the Chinese dream. This is the basic idea of ​​a strong Chinat today. A politically and militarily strong China that is prospering in all areas of life in the country.

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About ..

-This is a learning app.

-Corresponds to the political course in the country.

-You can accumulate points.
-It is political in nature.

-Unclear application code.

-To some, it may seem like political propaganda.

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