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Updated 11.07.2020

If you like adventure games with amazing graphics, you have to let yourself be carried away by this fantastic game. Play as a fugitive who ignores obstacles and is not caught by the police and his dog
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Developer : Kiloo
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A colorful arcade game that belongs to the common genre of endless racing. You play as trapped graffiti artists who are forced to flee the police inspector and his dog. The game is the result of cooperation between the SYBO Games studio and the Kiloo team with experience in mobile games, which has, among others, some successes of the popular Hugo series in versions of Java-enabled smartphones.

Downloading Subway Surfers reduces the game to smooth movement on the roofs of rail cars and railways and to avoid emerging obstacles, including oncoming trains. The character controlled by us can move on one of the three available tracks, jump and roll under obstacles, and also use a special skateboard. During the flight, we also collect money, which can then be exchanged for better skateboard models, backpacks, and even bonus characters.

The game is nice and satisfying, and it has been decorated with a very good graphic design. Additionally, the creators took care of the ignition system, and used devices like the hoverboard can be upgraded to find or buy coins. The title would be an ideal clone of the Imangi Studios production, but it has one drawback: it's more predictable. At Temple Run, we occasionally encountered curves, behind which practically everything could be found. In the case of Subway Surfers, the route is simple, making the game a little easier, which can interfere with people looking for a challenge.

In the end, Kiloo studies are definitely a must for endless runners. Also, through a lower difficulty level, you can convince people who have avoided this type of game until now.

And you want to show off in the endless game Subway Surfers?

It is like a mission to go and paint on different surfaces. Going through the subway has its own kind of mystery, it reminds us a bit of the timeless game of cat and mouse, but in modern ways. Every city you go there will expect a new experience and a new look. Players can go to different cities like Chicago or Rio. Each city has its own specific aspect and can be easily recognized.

In this way, you will remain satisfied with the game in which you have to run and collect coins. There are other surprises on your way like magnits that will give you more speed. Of course, there are many characters to unlock and try to play with them. Maybe they run fast who knows? But one thing is clear that this game will not drive you crazy. The lack of aggressiveness and the innocent aspect of the game can make you addicted, but they will never make you feel more anxious.

Later in the game you will begin to unlock some other character, both boys and girls. Because in-game you have one main thing to do which is to run devlopers, choosing to give him interesting characters that may have even more interesting attributes like clouds or boards. You will be amazed at how good the character with turquoise blue hair can look or ride the bpard that looks like a vinyl or a hot dog.

 Now you know what to expect from this game. Cool customizations for your characters and weird things to ride. Each city can unlock super cool stuff and you can have a lot of fun playing this game, so you will even ask for more. Because the game is well rated and people like the story behind it - you can watch a series of animated movies about Subway Surfer. The graphics of these animations are of high quality and this can reach most fans of the game, especially the younger ones.

For others, they will at least have a chance to become good players if they are too old for the animated series.

The app will save your score and can always check the information on how well you can play based on the scores and what you collect. Also, if you really are a good player, you can consult a Top Run list where you can place places among one of three categories, from Silver to Gold and Diamand, which is the high-ranking result. The chart is based on weekly performance and counts the days remaining.

Just give it a try and go through the missions and have fun playing this beautiful game!

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : Kiloo
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About ..

- One of the few games that can compete with the famous Temple Run.

- A captivating endless corridor that tells the story of teenage graffiti artists.

- Nice three-dimensional graphic design that simply draws attention.

- Due to the lower level of difficulty, you can convince people who have avoided this type of game so far.
- It is easy to get bored.

- For more demanding players, an easier and more predictable game can be a disadvantage.

- It has too much advertising.

- Sometimes it takes time to download the games.

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