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Updated 11.07.2020

Tencent Video is a Chinese application used to watch movies or tv shows for free
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Tencent QQ video is a video application program that allows you to watch movies and TV shows in China very similar to how Netflix works. It is produced for 10 cents which is also produced by WeChat and it is a very easy to use application and there are many features that are free, it is available for your computer, tablet and phone.

I'm currently on the PC version and the home screen only has a bunch of clips, shows, movies and everything is grouped together and we want to go to the left side and see all the different categories. You can see that there are icons by categories in Chinese characters, since this is all in Chinese, but you can use the icons to navigate there, so there will be mba in the clips, there is a microphone, so it is It will be like singing a reality show and that kind of thing.

What we want to see is under the thumbs-up sign is like a television box and that's it TV, it will take you to the main screen of the TV series, but in general it is all Chinese, so we want to go to the upper right corner character set and that will take us to all the categories and there it is much easier to search and find the video you want.

In the third set of characters that we want to focus on, basically it's all about the different languages, TV shows that you can watch, the second is for American TV shows and as you can see if you scroll down there is a ton of shows many and similar later programs are also very current and if you click on the top right corner it will also take you back to the top and if you just reset the character set next to the American one and the characters from the third Row are British English, so there are a lot of British shows, Sherlock, IT Crowd, so if we switch, we can take a look at American, for example.

In the American Tv show section you can choose for the different years and the final role is to select between paid and unpaid.

Tencent started as a messaging service in 1998. It started as a messaging service known as QQ chat in 1998, was used on a smaller scale internationally, but gained most of its popularity in China. It had no sources of income other than advertising and offering premium services to users.

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Price: Free
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About ..

- It's free.

- It's fast.

- Good quality.
- You don't have some movies.

- It has very old shows.

- Incomplete series.

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