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Updated 11.07.2020

Venmo is a mobile payment system created and owned by PayPal. If you have a Venmo account, you can transfer funds to other people through the app on your smartphone. Here are some options on the privacy of your transactions and you can manage confidential details for security reasons
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Venmo is a way to make payments and send money between friends' applications with a good protection procedure. Go to your app store, download the Venmo app and click open. If you already have an account, you can go ahead and log in
if not, you can choose the Facebook option and follow the tips or you can sign up with your email address. Once you click the Sign in with your email option for this example, it will take you to the Register page, where you will enter your personal information, and then click Next.
After you sign up, they will ask you to verify who you are, they will send you a text code below.

Click on Friends to import contacts from your phone or some from other social networks, click on Next and this will allow Venmo to access your contacts, then Venmo will also connect to Facebook if you give them the premise of allowing it.
With all of your contacts stored in Venmo, "privacy" is something to think about. The settings are Public, Friends and Private.
Public privacy settings mean that anyone on the Internet can see your comments.

The Friends setting means that only your Venmo friends and other participating friends can see and comment on your Vinmo activity.
And lastly, private privacy settings mean that only you and the person sending or receiving money can see what you post.
The default setting is Public so you have control and decide who can see your payment activity, so make sure you have the privacy settings you want.

By clicking on the Menu Options at the top left, you will see> Bank Transfer, Search, Venmo Card, Scan Code, Payment Methods, Incomplete, Purchases, Get help and settings. To get the money from your Venmo account if you have a balance you can make a bank transfer. Click on Transfer to bank and here you
 You can transfer, for example, $ 5, so you will need to add a debit cart or bank account if you make a card instantly, but be careful because they charge fees for the card. If you have a bank account, there is no fee, but it takes a couple of days.

Next in the menu options is Search, so if you want to search for people just type their name. If you type Ashley and there are a lot of Ashley, if your friends have a common name or just want to make sure that you are sending it to the right person, you can request the code to find a new friend. After his friend sends him a code, Venmo asks for permission to use his camera.
 go ahead and leave it. A scanner will appear and basically place the code below the scanner area.

Next in the Menu Options is the Venmo Card. Venmo actually offers the Master Card so you can use it wherever Master Card is accepted in the world. When you have a Venmo balance, you can buy with your card.
 You can scroll later with your friends or whatever you want to do with your balance. The Venmo card also has a security feature. Let's say you left your card in the bar - you can disable it in the app, and if you find your card, re-enable it in the app later. The card also has the option to choose the color you want.

Suppose your friends send you a barcode or you need to send a code to your friend. Click on Scan Code in this menu, scan or get your code so you can share the code.
Next, we will talk about the payment methods where you can add your bank or card details as we said before.

You can then shop at any random online store that accepts PayPal, and if you want to buy something random, say jeans. When you try to pay and pay you will see the PayPal button and when you click on it you can pay through Venmo. Usually, it will ask you to verify that you are who you are to prevent any unauthorized use, so basically do that accordingly and finish.


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Price: Free
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Developer : PayPal
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About ..

-You can check your balance for free

-Sending and receiving cash is very simple

-It is used in some sites and applications that have the optional PayPal method

-You can send by QR code
-You have to install the application

-Your history can be seen by other users

-Sometimes transactions can take days.

-It is easy to make a mistake, like sending it to the wrong person

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