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Updated 03.08.2020

If your passion is photography and photo processing, VSCO is the best platform to achieve professional results in your images and videos. You can touch them up with their filters or manually with all the possibilities it offers, in addition to seeing the work of other users in their community
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VSCO is a platform, by definition of its own designers, for editing professional photos and videos. It uses the cameras of mobile phones as a differentiating point in power and quality. Before the photographs taken by the devices were not of sufficient quality but that has changed and the finish that can be achieved with these images can compete with compact cameras, that is where VSCO has its differentiating point, it was born to give a space to those photographs more elaborate. How to use it? Too easy.

Developed in 2011 by Visual Supply Company, it was originally known as VSCO Cam. Available for Android and iOS, it allows you to take photographs and later edit them through its filters. Since 2015, more than 72 million of the posts uploaded to Instagram contained the hashtag #vscocam. Its impact is such that it has created a new trend in young people, VSCO girls.

VSCO turns your phone into an analog camera with its filters and editing tools, offering very professional results. Its auto-fire option meets expectations and works as you might expect from such applications. It is perfect for those who love photography, it combines in a single app: camera, editor and gallery.

It is much more focused  on image quality and thanks to its pre-programmed filters and advanced camera control, you can record and edit on your mobile device without the need for any design program.

Thanks to its very frequent updates, every time small errors are repaired. As a result, VSCO is improving and gaining new clients.

VSCO is free, but it has a paid Premium subscription, with which you will have access to more than 100 exclusive filters and many other tools. The photos can be taken directly from the application or imported from the phone itself and give the photos a unique color depending on what you want to transmit and thanks to that they become extremely artistic. However, it is not these functions that determine the strength of this application.

Starting to use VSCO is very easy, the first thing is to download the application and install it on your mobile. It has a very minimalist interface and in a way that guides you through everything in an intuitive and simple way. A clear example of this is that its menu is based on icons, not text, for once you are clear about what each one means, do not get lost looking for the different options it gives you. To be able to access you have to create an account, once you have it you can start to investigate and get to know the application to become a great photographer.

You have the option of a library, in which all your images and videos are saved and from where you can share them to other social networks.

In the VSCO editing section, if you use its filters well they can be of great help to achieve a professional finish and save a lot of time in the process. It has a wide variety of options, unmatched by any other app. Etán created to cover all possibilities: black and white, vintage, saturated ... Everything you are looking for you can find, many are free, but there are also many more that are only available for the Premium version. Within the filter options, you can also change the parameters to customize them to your liking.

If you want to manually retouch the image, VSCO offers the possibility to modify the characteristics of the photo, such as saturation, exposure, contrast, etc.

VSCO is also a very dynamic community, becoming a reference corner for people who like photography and seek creativity through images. Through the app, we have access not only to interesting inspirations and captures from other users, but also to regular articles on mobile photography and related topics.

It is an interesting proposal for people who like to play with mobile photography and, at the same time, seek inspiration and broaden their knowledge. You can share your photos and see other people's photos on VSCO's social channel, where you will find users from all over the world. Join the creative community without public observers, likes or comments.

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : VSCO
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About ..

- Camera control option

- You have your own social network

- Many interesting filters.

- A transparent and comfortable look.
- Occasional login issues

- Limited options in the free version.

- Using filters can make the image not look natural

- Manual retouching may be very limited

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